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Alt title: Seitokai no Ichizon

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Feb 10, 2013

Streamed it- This Review Covers First and Second Season


Seitokai No Ichizon is adapated from a light novel series of the same name and here's Wirusan's take on this fun anime!


Yea Ken, dream on


Now the story for Seizon ( As Minatsu put it) is a VERY simple one. The Student Council Members spend their time tackling important issues that Student councils do...NOT this is usually the objective however they always end up doing nothing but making jokes with each other. The show takes pokes it itself all the time and the characters surely like to break the third and fourth wall in this show. They even have the visual novel that they're adapted from! Most of the episodes all consist of them inside the student council room and while they do go other places and do various things it's mostly in the room and they even break the fourth wall to self harm themselves by saying things like "All we do is talk in this room." or "Why are we being animated?" while it's funny it's true.There is a side point where the main character wants to have a harem with all the other members but it's clear from the start that this will not happen. I wish they would've went out more or even showed them doing more things They do reveal a backstory for the main character and others as well but nothing they reveal is a big game changer either. It' definately fun to watch the charcters get into funny situations but the story is a basic one and isn't really the point of the anime it's the interactions the characters get into so they story gets a solid 5.


Ken is probably enjoying that...Well he is

The animation for Seizon isn't one that i recall being praticularly great but it isn't bad either. They don't really do much movement but the movement they do are simple . Whenever they parody an anime you know what anime their doing because they are detailed Like my favorite parody scene

Tha'ts just awesome. When they go chibi or do a parody it's crisp and it gets their point across . So I'll give animation a solid 7




Look familiar?

The sounds for seizon are good. The op is pretty catchy and the ed's are too, the cool thing about the ed's is they're sung differently from time to time they have different lyrics and sometimes are sung by the characters. My favorite ending is when Sakurano sings it and she skips verses and her notes are flat it's cute and funny. The voice acting is good as well we have Mario Honda (who does the voice for Sakurano) on here nad she also does Yuko's vocie from Nichijou. The sound gets a solid 7


Ken get's a lot of abuse throughout the series


The charaacters in Seizon are what make this show good. They are funny and they develop as the series progresses. 

Ken Sugisaki

 Ken is the main protaginist and unlike in most animes where the male lead is surronded by females Ken WANTS to get with every girl. Ken is convinced that the Student Council is his harem. Ken gets his ideas from all the eroges he plays. His perversion aside Ken is a good guy at heart he usually stays after everyone else leaves to get all the paperwork out the way. He worked really hard just to get into the Student Council bringing his grades all the way up. Chizuru calls him Key-Kun because his name can be read as Key  as well.

Sakurano Kurimu

 Sakurano is known as either Prez (Kaichou) or Aka-chan. If you are wondering where her nickname came from it's cause Chizuru gave it to her. She added an extra chracter to the end of her name so it is read as Kurimuzon (Crimson) and if you translate that to japanese it becomes red (Aka). Her name can also mean baby so there's a dual play there but she'll definately get pissed if you call her a baby. Sakurano is kind but she is pretty childish and often likes to laze around and eat sweets. She is very popular in the school as well and is the reason for Ken's obsession with Eroges. 

Minatsu Shiina

 Oh Minatsu, She's the tough tom boy of the group. She loves reading shounen and does well in sports too, she's even on the baseball team. Minatsu is a Tsundere whose aspiration is to be a bride one day. I think she looks better when her hair is down and Ken didn't even recognize her when she did have it down.

Mafuyu Shiina

Mafuyu is Minatsu's little sister and has a completely different personality. Mafuyu is pretty reserved and loves to play games and read her BL comics (Ewww). She's the only freshman in the class and is almost always seen with her portable game console. She is initialy afraid of men but makes an execption for Ken.

Chizuru Akaba

 Chizuru is a senior like Sakurano and is the coolset of the group she is mature and has the most *ahem* mature body. Although she always sports her relaxed attitude she also has a sadistic side too often taking pleasure in giving pain usually to Ken. She loves Sakurano and is her best friend it's hinted that she loves her intitmately. She is also known for braishwashing Sakurano and Ken various times.


Lilicia Toudou

 Lilicia is the head of the Journalism Club and dislikes the Student Council probably because she didn't get into it. She is always trying to find dirt on the Student Council and it's members. She has a thing for Ken but she won't admit it

Elise Toudou

 Elise is Lilica's little sister and she uses her to get dirt on the Student Council. She is pretty precocious but her sister has tainted her mind and she usually talks about dirty things. This makes Ken look like a lolicon and it's funny seeing what she gets him into.

Satori Magiru

 Satori is a teacher and the advisor to the Student Council. She is pretty serious and cool though she often plays jokes on the group. She usually doesn't help them when they have problems and dislikes beign aroudn the other teachers so she often visits them out of bordem.


Each character brings something funny to the plate and it's fun to watch I give the characters a solid 7



Final Score: 7.0

Rating: Fresh


Seizon is a pretty funny show although if you haven't seen the shows they parody you are kind of out of the loop. This doesn't matter though because they make up their own situations where things get funny. All in all I give Seizon a 7.0

As far as I know this show doesn't have an offical DVD release so I reccomend you Watch it! 

Something that’s fresh is a good fun time. Sure it could’ve been better but ultimately it’s something you don’t regret experiencing


As always this is your boy Wirusan!and stay the hell away from woodchippers



5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Dec 27, 2014

This has got to be one of the most boring animes I have ever watched. I'm not familiar with the original story i.e. light novel or manga. However, I can honestly say that after forcing myself to go through the first 6-7 episodes this show was just plain boring.

The story revolves around a male lead (who is constantly made fun of) who refers to the student council as his harem. This joke is quite funny but is overused to the point of becoming annoying. All that happens in the story is the Student Coucil talking to each other for the full 20 minutes about unnecessary s*** to fill the void of them not doing anything during their meetings. I mean no disrespect to the writer of the show but the reliance on showing people otaku and pop culture references was not endearing to me or even comedic.

The animation was quite decent considering the imagination of the colourful characters involved.

The sound was just doing it's job nothing spectacular. I should note that I believe that the voice actors/actresses did a fantastic job portraying their crazy characters.

The limelight of the show is indeed the characters of the show. They are not your standard one-dimensional characters e.g. Mafuyu is a cute, weak looking girl...who is also a BL loving otaku. However, I sometimes felt that to set themselves apart from other anime characters this show was just forcing some of the personality traits just to be different.


I was expecting a funny show especially due to the avg ratings on anime planet. However, I found that this show sucked big time mainly due to the fact that there is NO story. I base whether I should drop an anime halfway by asking myself the question "Do I care what happens to the characters?" I do not drop anime very often and this show was strange in that I did care about the characters somewhat. But there was nothing in this show to keep me watching it. Th anime and gaming references that were thrown were actually a bit insulting to me as they were random and unnecessary and added no depth and little comedic value.

And to end this review: Did you guys notice that most of the show (like 90%) was contained in one setting? Namely the student council room. To be honest I got sick of being in that room with the characters.

I don't usually write reviews about anime as I feel that most points have been covered by other users. But when I feel this strongly about something like this I will write it out.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
8/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Aug 13, 2015

This is the perfect anime for those who love the no storyline and parody genre. The activities of the Hekiyou Academy Student Council consist of them constantly trying to dodge their responsibilities from both within and without the Student Council room. Every single character is likeable from the very start and you develop quite an atachement to each as the series goes on. The music is superb, and the opening songs is one of my favorite of all time. Overall, Seitokai No Ichizon is worth your time and it has one of the highest rewatchabililty qualities that I've encountered in anime. I have watched every episode at least 5 times now and they always make me laugh hysterically. Now, for spoiler reasons, I have to say that this anime does sometimes spoil other shows by parodying them but if that's not a big thing for you then enjoy!! Please watch this anime, because it is so worthy of your time.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 22, 2015

I honestly, wanted to watch a something funny again. Expecting just a Parody Anime(by watching the introduction of the first episode, you won't think that there will be any serious moments), I was surprised to get so much more.

Of course, I was laughing most of the time, because of the amount of so many animes that were parodizied(Dragon Ball, Haruhi, Death Note...)and the jokes.

I could not be more content. But then after 1 or 2 episodes this anime suddently even leveled up in my opinion by not only revealing that there might be a serious background story to each character, especially the MC, but also by how they integrate this in an anime mostly filled with comedy, without creating a weird feeling by combining these two contradicting elements.
Many people will say that this is nothing special as many animes can handle comedy and serious stories, but only few can keep this transition fluently and even fewer execute it a way that keeps you hooked in every single episode(and this is defintly an anime, where you long for the next episode every single time).

The story itself is pretty simple: The characters do nothing but talking and doing student concil stuff, even the characters admit that fact^^(Thats why I am still questioning myself why I was so hooked).
However, the main attraction to the anime is created by the unique characters itself and their personal scars and problems, revealing their deeper relationship by simply having a talk.

Maybe people who expect a little more harem-like romance will be a little bit disappointed: Although the MC is a self-proclaimed harem owner, there is not "really" one(which I really appreciate)

As for the sound: The opening is very catchy and the Ost's not only fit in the various situation, but also emphasise them.

As for the negtive Aspects: There was one, if you can call it that way. In episode 8 or something there is a major spoiler(and I mean major) to Gurren Lagann. So if you plan watch Gurren Lagann, watch it before this anime

So watch it! You won't regret it

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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May 10, 2020

Probably the funniest thing ive ever had the privelege of viewing. So goddamn funny.

Story: Semi-episodic format. The story is pretty generic for a student council anime you know go thru the school year blah blah blah. From the jump where u realized Ken's motives you knew you were in for some comedy gold. The harem is absolutely lively. But what i loved most about the anime was the parodies. The Toradora references, Strike Witches parodies. So many references especially to Higurashi and Umineko no naku koro ni. This anime truly doesn't take itself seriously as even in the end it jokes about how there would be no second season. Astoundingly funny.

Animation: The combination of ecchi and funny is what i always want in an ecchi anime. This bought the ecchi. It's not like panties in your face. It's more like Ken's out of control fantasies. But the little cutscenes in his fantasies are extremely hilarious. Also when Ken is wearing the mask and is secured for safety reasons, it's just hialrious. Character design was pretty fun so i enjoyed it. Chizuru was so damn sexy.

Sound: Ken had a great voice actor as did all the other characters. Usually im aggravated by high pitched voices but i was shocked my brain wasn't imploding when Kurimu talked. Her voice was actually cute. The intro was really good and the multiple outros were enjoyable, especially the one for i think episode 11. on an unrelated note, DAMN Chizuru sexy.


  • Ken is probably up top 3 in my favorite main males. He's just so unique he doesnt think about one girl. He doesn't dabble in just the president or just Mafuyuu. He wants all the vagina. 
  • Kurimu who came off as tsundere, but wasn't too aggressive. So cute and such a horrible student council president. Nobody does work except for Ken.
  • Chizuru harboring some true murderous intent. So dark yet so sexy. Her interactions with Kurimu, and her "discreet" deathiness towards Ken were downright hilarious as was that sheep costume. 
  • Minatsu's personality was really cute and was enjoyable especially for that slapstick she provides. It's never too much and is for good reason, which is always important. On a related note, she's hot as fuck
  • Mafuyuu was my favorite character in the whole series. Her nontop super cute third person references, obsession with portraying Ken as gay, and her oddly relatable personality traits make her one of my favorite characters in all of anime.
5/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.3/10 overall
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