Student Council's Discretion Lv. 2

Alt title: Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2

TV (10 eps)
Fall 2012
3.889 out of 5 from 2,876 votes
Rank #1,755
Student Council's Discretion Lv. 2

The series revolves around a private high school whose student council is chosen entirely by popularity vote. Because of this, Ken Sugisaki is the only male representative, in the otherwise all bishojo student council, that may enter the “sacred sanctuary” of the council’s meeting room. At the behest of Council President Kurimu Sakurano, Sugisaki records the minutes of the council meetings, which devolve into daily conversations about the students’ lives and interests.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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The Student Council Brainstorms image

Episode 1

The Student Council Brainstorms

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Episode 2

The Student Council Gets Suspicious

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Episode 3

The Student Council Gets a Job

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Episode 4

The Student Council Collects

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Episode 5

Holy War

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Episode 6

The Student Council Welcomes

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Episode 7

S-Size Hunter

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Episode 8

The Student Council Chases

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Episode 9

The Student Council Doesn't End

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FearTheFourth's avatar
FearTheFourth Feb 11, 2015
Score 9/10

Seitokai No Ichizon Lv. 2 is a worthy successor to the first season. All the main and supporting characters are back, with the addition of 3 three other supporting characters, who only add the the enjoyment and watchability. The daily activities of the Hekiyou Academy Student Council remains pretty much the same. That is to say, they spend their days goofing off and not actually performing student coucil... read more

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