Street Fighter Alpha: Generations

OVA (1 ep x 42 min)
3.142 out of 5 from 1,282 votes
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After hearing of his master's brutal death, Ryu travels to his grave to pay his final respects. In his quest to become a street fighting legend, he finds his arch-rival and murderer, Gouki. Both men are part of the bloodline that suffer from the Dark Hadou curse - a burden that gives great power at the cost of those you love. Gouki has already given into temptation, using this demon strength, but can Ryu defeat this monster and avoid his own tormented fate?

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Okay, first of all, I really dislike when people try to explain Ryu's origin before his sudden appearance in his master dojo. Like, what I like about Ryu is the fact that he's a very average guy but with a great ambition. Well, in this OVA they tried to tell us that Ryu is Gouki/Akuma's child!!! Yes! The most generic and straight up boring and predictable explanation ever! I already was disliking the fact they were trying to explore Ryu's birth and parents... and then implying that his parents are a generic Yamato Nadeshiko and Gouki/Akuma (AKA the Big Bad) was really annoying to think. Anyway, aside from that! The animation and the music are great. Nothing special but definitely not bad. Now, about the characters... Ryu is okay. He's acting as generic as always. He wants to avenge his master's "death" and want to be strong. Sakura also appears and she's... fine. I have no idea how she knew where Ryu was but ok. Ken appears in the ending and he's fine too. And that's fine. He makes a small appearance there so... it's fine. NOW, the new characters! So, Sayaka or Fuka... First of all, they're even the same person? I mean, ok, I'm pretty much sure they are but I cannot remember if the creators just imply or they straight up tell us they are. That is not important... both are really boring. Sayaka is there to be the nice girl. She's helpful and apparently love with the worst person on Earth. Watching Sayaka was like seeing feminism regressing! She was so meh and boring. Then there's her "grandpa" that is actually not her grandfather. He's the generic "Dirty Old Man" with incredible fighting skills... like Oro but less interesting. Also, spoilers, he was watching Sakura and her "grandchild" taking a bath... if that's not creepy I don't know what's that! He also defeats Ryu and Ken (AKA the best martial artist in America). Now, the fight between Akuma/Gouki and Ryu? It was okay... very forgetful if you ask me. Anyway, that's it. I'm glad this thing is not canon because I couldn't stand the fact Ryu is Akuma/Gouki's son! And worst of that... his mother is a very boring character that I didn't care about and wasn't even that necessary. Just ignore the fact she's there and you see she's really really really unnecessary. Overall, if you really want to watch this go for it... but I don't think is that necessary when you can play the games or watch gameplays from Youtube. Trust me, worth more.

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