Strait Jacket

OVA (3 eps)
2007 - 2008
3.394 out of 5 from 3,591 votes
Rank #3,597

In a world of science, sorcery is rediscovered and rapidly adopted in all areas of industry – but at a high price: an invisible pollution is spreading out across the world. Those who do not take proper precautions become infected, lose their sanity, and become demons. The Sorcery Administration Bureau, along with their Tactical Sorcerers, monitor magic uses and respond to any demonic outbreaks that occur. In this world, Ray Otto is a rogue tactical sorcerer who hunts down demons with reckless abandon. Given that he always gets the job done, the administration generally lets his activities slide. Together with the mysterious girl Kapel Theta, Ray risks his life and humanity to destroy demonkind... when the price is right.

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FalseDawn's avatar
FalseDawn Sep 26, 2008
Score 3.5/10

It's very rare for a series centred around magic to be any good - in recent years, we've had a magic school with particular boring storylines in the form of Happiness!; the abysmal Saint October; the yawnworthy Gift Eternal Rainbow that pretended to be a drama; and the just plain nonsensical Majokko Tsukune-chan. Unfortunately, Strait Jacket can be added to this list, and the reason I say... read more

Epimondas's avatar
Epimondas Oct 30, 2016
Score 3.5/10

Kapelteta is a half demon so the anime says but how she came to be makes no sense in light of previous descriptions of demons and watching them in action.  All they do is kill and destroy so how is it possible for one to have fathered her?  Yes we have another example of a setting the creators forgot to pay attention to and as a result we have things that just do not add up.  Magic is depicted as... read more



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