Step Up Love Story

Alt titles: Futari Ecchi, Manga Sutra

OVA (4 eps)
2002 - 2004
3.132 out of 5 from 4,866 votes
Rank #11,487

Makoto and Yura Onoda are a newly married couple. Luckily for them, even though their marriage was arranged, they are deeply in love. However, even though they are both 25, neither of them have any ‘intimate’ experience, and consequently, they are equally as unsure and clumsy. With a little advice from Yura's friends and sister, this newly-wed couple will eventually get it right and explore the hardships of marriage, and the wonderful world of sex, even in daring places and awkward situations.

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When I first read the Futari Ecchi synopsis I thought it sounded pretty good. But I usually like to read one or two reviews as well before I spend my time on a new anime, especially an ecchi one (we all know they can be the worst of the worst sometimes). So when I saw GnarlyCranium's review claiming that "this series depicts one of the most thoughtlessly cruel, vile, codependent and abusive relationships imaginable, and what's more it's presented as if this is normal and healthy" and read the suggestion to "Just find some tentacle rape hentai to watch instead. That would be far more wholesome.", I got pretty worried. But after deciding to proceeding with caution, I found that nothing could be farther from the truth! Maybe if you're the hardcore feminist/closeted lesbian type, this anime will insult your ideals of ball-busting women being the ones to dominate and emasculate men. But if you live in the real world where much of the population still believes that it's ok for women to be partially submissive to a kind and loving man, then you probably won't find anything wrong with this story. First off, I liked the plot (yes, it had a plot!) right from the start and never really found myself wanting to go watch something else, and usually I'm the type to get bored easily so that was a good sign. While I will admit that Gnarly's comment on this anime being "vanilla" was in fact a true statement, I didn't see it as a negetive point at all. The sex scenes are pretty basic, with the most daring moves being oral sex and a doggy-style rendezvous, but so long as you're not completely spoiled by raunchier material it should be enough to scratch your sex-scene itch. I was pretty impressed by the character development as well, since usually my expectations in that area are fairly low for ecchi material. I personally thought it was cute that they both started out so innocent together and learned how to enjoy themselves and each other, and at times the relationship between them was very touching. If there really is such a thing as a wholesome and heart-warming ecchi anime, this would be it. I highly reccomend it. =)

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