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As London prepares for the first World Expo, the young Ray Steam receives a package containing the Steam Ball, a small and incredibly powerful engine containing hyper-pressurized steam. Developed by Ray’s father and grandfather in America under the supervision of (and funded by) the O’Hara Foundation, the Steam Ball could prove to be an asset to civilization or a great danger. But after Ray finds out that the Steam Ball must not fall into the O’Hara Foundation’s hands, he sets forth on a mission to keep the item safe and away from those who would use it to fuel a brutal war...

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YojimboAuron Feb 14, 2011
Score 7.5/10

It is pretty much a shock to find out that this is not, in fact, an adaptation, but deliberate animated project. It feels as if 20 volumes of manga development were compressed to fit in one feature length movie. It's hard to believe the most expensive Japanese project that took over 10 years to make could have such a lousy and boring plot. Non the less it does.

Gorgeous animation couldn't make up for... read more

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snivets Jun 14, 2012
Score 9.2/10

I love all things steampunk, so I borrowed Steamboy from the public library recently. Story: The plot had all the elements of a good plot: multiple characters whose actions collided in an exciting and suspenseful way, excellent pacing wherein no scene felt unnecessary or unnecessarily long, and the situation kept getting worse and worse until the climax, which was, admittedly, rather vague. Furthermore, the... read more



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