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As London prepares for the first World Expo, the young Ray Steam receives a package containing the Steam Ball, a small and incredibly powerful engine containing hyper-pressurized steam. Developed by Ray’s father and grandfather in America under the supervision of (and funded by) the O’Hara Foundation, the Steam Ball could prove to be an asset to civilization or a great danger. But after Ray finds out that the Steam Ball must not fall into the O’Hara Foundation’s hands, he sets forth on a mission to keep the item safe and away from those who would use it to fuel a brutal war...

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As a history buff, I was rocking on my sofa while all these military leaders around the world walked into Ohara foundation building simply because I was able to recognise the uniforms and the greedy look they had in their eyes. This makes sense as the 1860s was the start of tensions between the European nations in terms of power. (Sorry, I just love talking about history) A lot of people are complaining how there weren't enough female characters in the film. I'm a girl, but I'm totally okay with it. (bringing PC into pop culture just isn't my thing you know). I don't like it when women in historical genres are characterised masculine without any reasonable explanation, but to prove a PC point. Therefore for Scarlet to act snobbish, know it all and damn right annoying was refreshing for me. I bet she has to act like that because she's been living in men's world where her voice isn't heard as a child. So in order to do so she acts like how the people around her expect her to act, but be demanding to get her own way. She also acted unintentionally as a voice of reason for Ray to trigger his own beliefs about science during their argument. Adding to this, she gave the voice of humanity within the male dominated film. Though the guys only talked about humanity and the good of science philosophically, those were only an argument of ideas. Whereas Scarlet voiced the good of weapons of profit and layer on calls it "wicked" after she walks thorough the battlefield. Because she was the only female main protagonist in the film, her comments about humanity gave a massive impact with only a line. You don't need ten more female characters to accomplish that she'll shock. Also, if you think she acted too fragile and only thing she did was to turn the switch on, think again. She becomes a pilot at the end during the ending credits segment.   It was a fun film to see how the characters are Challenged with their beliefs. Especially Ray and Scarlet who are children and are thrown into a world where you have to grow up and make your own decisions in the adults world. Oh the animation. I'm an anatomynazi when it comes to character anatomy of Europeans in anime. This anime does justice and You clearly see that they are English (because most of the characters are Londoners and Mancunian) my favourite animation in this film was when the vapours froze to ice. The detail the animators went through with colours was just gorgeous. Also the ice turning to vapour by the child's touch was beautiful and stunning I nearly cried. If you wanna learn animation, definitely check this film out. As Brit, I'm a massive peeve on the use of british accents in anime, and I heard a lot of cringey british accents like Black Butler. (Oof) I was grateful with the casts doing the Mancunian accent to add the characters taste. Didn't even realise Ray's voice actor was actually a female! I thought they got the same voice actor as Denance the menace! I don't know if voice acting counts as sound, but with the gentle victorian style music, it's definitely a winner for me.  The story? I wish they explored the theme of science vs humanity and/or discovered the corruption of science and discovery evenyfurther by a boy in the adults greedy world. Maybe throw in how it impacted the working class with their inhuman treatment. Could have done a bit deeper instead of a shallow a to b.  Overall, watch it for a light history/mecha film and indulge in the animation quality. 


I love all things steampunk, so I borrowed Steamboy from the public library recently. Story: The plot had all the elements of a good plot: multiple characters whose actions collided in an exciting and suspenseful way, excellent pacing wherein no scene felt unnecessary or unnecessarily long, and the situation kept getting worse and worse until the climax, which was, admittedly, rather vague. Furthermore, the plot managed to incorporate complex themes, framed through the characters and their struggles with each other because of their beliefs about science and society. And managed to do so without long philosophical lectures. Animation: Steamboy is one of the most expensive anime films ever produced, and it really shows in the art. The backgrounds were unbelievably gorgeous, textured, detailed, dimensional, and had a great sense of depth and perspective. Gears and valves and steam were plentiful. The explosions and things being smashed and broken looked cool. The character design was a little plain, but worked. Sound: Nothing overly groundbreaking. The soundtrack fit comfortably, and the steam and gear noises were fun. Characters: Although most of them fit one trope or another, I liked that their personalities were revealed through the actions they took and through their conversations with one another--instead of through narration or monologue or flashback (which, in my opinion, are much less effective ways to develop characters). [Inner Feminist objected to the lack of female scientists, and the lack of sensible females in general. Sure, you can argue that it makes the film's atmosphere more "historically accurate," (because obviously women never were nor are sensible) but the fact of the matter is that we are in 2012 and rehashing stereotypes in the name of "historical accuracy"--especially considering the license taken with the bounds of scientific reality in this film--gets us nowhere.] Overall: Great Gears of Steam and Fire! This film is completely worth 2 hours of your time.

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