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Alt title: SF Saiyuuki Starzinger

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Jan 28, 2021

SIC series no.4 (Sorry I can’t) Episodes tolerated: about 10/73

I do like me some retro more than the average person, but unfortunately this show is not good regardless of its age.

Typical story, a princess travels somewhere to save the world (this time it’s the center of the universe) and she is accompanied by three fellas who protect her. Hence this show is also know as Spaceketeers in USA because the idea behind it wasn’t well known over there, they tried to make resemble the three musketeers, if that isn’t the lamest shit you have ever heard of I don’t know what it is.

This show could be good, because you see it was kind of a sci-fi adaptation of the Journey to the West, plus Leiji wrote the script. But unfortunately what usually keeps these slow episodic shows together, the art, the mechs and the action is not really that good. Some of the enemies (if not most of them) look like they were drawn by an 8 year old kid.

Animation is not good either, so there is nothing exciting about the show, it’s pretty boring and there is no way you can sit trough 73 episodes of this. This could possibly be Leiji’s lamest work. Sound is very good though, as you expect from Shunsuke Kikuchi. Voice acting of the main cast is surprisingly ok, but almost every enemy sounds totally goofy and annoying.

If you want to watch something old no matter what, just pick something from Nagai’s or Tezuka’s work, or even Leiji’s, just not this one, it is not worth your time. Watching the opening once is really worth it though, it’s old school greatness (ending is really fun as well), maybe even click on a couple of episodes here and there just to check out the tracks and the sound effects that are really good.

By the way, do you remember when every show that had 3 male main characters, just had to have a fat one? And if there were 5 male main characters one just had to be a kid? Ah, not that was clever way to make the characters distinct from each other right? Wonder why we don’t get fat main characters nowadays...

3/10 story
3/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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