Stars Align

Alt title: Hoshiai no Sora

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2019
4.113 out of 5 from 4,708 votes
Rank #559

Toma Shinjou has a dilemma: he wants to save his school’s soft tennis club before it’s shut down! He seeks the help of Maki Katsuragi, a reluctant student with natural talent and other priorities. It’s going to be their last summer together as a team unless they all find a way to work together to save the club!

Source: Funimation

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      This anime is such an amazing one and is much more than just a couple of boys playing soft tennis.      As far as the story and character development goes, the creators did a great job layering the story and making it much more than just the sport of soft tennis and a club. They went into depth of the lives of each tennis club member and they humanized them in the sense that they all went through their own person issues just like someone in the real world would. It's almost as is all the boys were going through a form of hardship but yet they continued to push and stay on the team because soft tennis is what brought them happinesses.       Throughout the story, a major theme that the anime tends to always fall back on is the idea of LGBT+. Usually you don't find shows talking about this topic, almost as if it's a taboo but the fact that the creators brought this topic up to the surface and reminded the viewers that it's okay to be part of this community and accept those part of it is highly appreciated in my opinion.      Due to how nicely layered this story is, you can never really tell in which direction will go next because once you think something will happen, the opposite occurs which is nice if you like surprises in a way. It's like you keep peeling the onion but you can never get to the core because there's so much more to look foward to.     This anime definitely needs a season 2 and I'm look forward to it since it cannot end where it is now. Stars Align is definitely one of my favorite animes. 

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