Alt titles: High School Star Musical 3, Koukou Hoshi Kageki 3

TV (12 eps)
3.716 out of 5 from 253 votes
Rank #2,999

Third season of STARMYU.

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Random singing, the anime, is back, y'all! x'D Damn, but I love this series and have I ever missed it! Now, for those rare few out there who perhaps weren't aware that this is the third season... turn your little tushes around and start at season 1 or you'll miss out on so much fun watching the boys grow and become closer and form connections with numerous other groups and just... kick ass! All the while making us crack up when they randomly break into song! x'D So yeah, if you've seen the other two seasons then stay tuned for this review! ;D Now, only seven episodes had aired when I started this series, and I was a late starter because I know how much I love this show and was determined to wait until at least half of the episodes aired before picking it up. And it was sooooo hard! I wanted to pick this series up right away, but I know just how frustrated I would have been starting out with only an episode a week. So I waited. And it was totally worth the wait! So, this season the boys are in their second year and we get introduced to the new Kao Council they will piss you off in the beginning, pre-warning). However, I grew to like three of the members (Kasugano, Irinatsu, and Shiki)! And I don't really have any strong feelings at all for a fourth member (Chiaki). But... nobody can make me ever feel any different about Fuyusawa who is this seasons sh*thead (yeah, I went there). Fuyusawa reminds me quite of bit of Hiiragi, who by the second season, admittedly, grew on me. Fuyusawa comes off as an arrogant emotionally constipated asshole with a superiority complex though we later learn it's partially due to his chronic stage notice me senpai syndrome, which, in my opinion, is caused by his inability to grow the hell up and stop acting all pissy when he doesn't get his way! Being an ass isn't going to get you the kind of attention you want! But, he's so pretty. It's extremely sad! T^T He's the ass with the green hair in the pic below btw... So in this season we get to see the Kao Council verses Hoshitani and co. while they try and convince the council to let them perform with Team Hiiragi who was chosen to be the special openers of the festival because the current Kao Council wants to present who they see as their likely successors to the public all the while Hoshitani and co. just want to perform with their friends and Team Hiiragi feels the same, but is unwilling to go against the Council unlike their friends. Though Tatsumi is sure that Hoshitani will pull of some miracle to make it happen as he's pulled off so many in the past. Meanwhile we get to watch the hilarity that ensues with the others and their antics trying to convince each Council member to give them a shot! x'D And although sh*thead Fuyusawa is essentially acting as head of the Kao Council the true head is actually Shiki Touma, who is struggling in a position that he didn't even want in the first place. I'll leave a little spoiler and just say the guy finally grows some balls and tells Fuyusawa exactly what he thinks about what is going on and his opinion about what he wants and as the head he has the main say. Which pisses Fuyusawa off and we see the darkness he's been mostly hiding. Bastard! (Yeah, I really don't like him. Even if he is pretty... such a shame! T^T) And, of course, this drives a deep wedge into the current Kao Council and Fuyusawa throws a b*tch fit that'll make you want to punch him! Pic of Shiki is below... So anyway, things this season are so drama driven, but still with a nice touch of humor tossed in. I was okay with the choice in the next Kao Council... but it didn't state who was in charge and that kind of irked me because who knows if we'll ever get another season. We can hope, I guess...    

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