Alt titles: High School Star Musical, Koukou Hoshi Kageki

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2015
3.415 out of 5 from 1,527 votes
Rank #7,689

Ayanagi Academy: home of musical dreams and insane competition. New student Yuuta Hoshitani dreams of being in show business, but to get there he’ll have to gain acceptance from the Kao Council (Cherry Blossom Flower Council), Ayanagi Academy’s five highest ranking students. For Yuuta and his friends to do well in the music department, they’ll have to get onto a Star Team, lead by the Kao Council members. Though the newcomers are struggling, they catch the interest of one of the Kao Council members, which just might send them on the starlit journey they’ve been dreaming of!

Source: Funimation

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When you look at the ratings for STARMYU as it's affectionately called by it's fans, you'd wonder why the ratings are so low. That's because Starmyu is something people have actually seen before. let me explain why. -Minor spoilers- Story Starmyu is about Hoshitani Yuuta. Little ol' Yuuta has a goal. he wants to be like the mystery student who he once saw dancing and so he's joined a school that has a musical theater department. A department that judges and trains pretty harshly to turn out skilled singers/dancer/idol groups. Now altough the setting is different, the initial set-up is similar to more popular reverse-harem anime like Uta no prince-sama or the more recent addition Dance with Devils However Starmyu is actually not a reverse-harem nor are there many female characters or love interests. It is however, very predictable in terms of story because it follows many cliches used over and over in the anime industry like overcoming the impossbile as a team. Thus many viewers find it dry and unexciting. Animation The animation is actually really good. Lots of emphasis and work is put into the dance sequences. Its colourful and enjoable to watch but at the same time can't really compare to animation from other studios Sound The music in a musical based anime is the most important part. The songs are catchy and wonderful but aren't very memorable as althought they fit into the story, they seem almost half hearted and have more of a boy band type of feel to them. Characters the characters make use of various cliches when it comes to boy band members but are still lovable. Not much character development is made with some while others change a lot through out the course of the series. The main reason for its unpopularity would be that it came into the world at the wrong time.Had this anime aired a season later, it may have been more popular since there's already a musical based anime with a richer story airing at the same time.


I rate this kinda high because the anime flowed nicely. The dialogues didn't seem to have a lot of awkwardness and pauses. It is cheesy, but what do you expect from a musical anime? *breaks into song and dance whenever and whereever* Story - The story is kinda lacking. It's just about Hoshitani enrolling into a musical school to find the highschooler he admires. Once enrolled he and his team learn to get along to make their dreams come true. The ending was kinda lacking. There was no hype at the end to make it seem like there would be a possibility to get a second season. I would like for it to get a second season because I feel that maybe they could go deeper into their characters. Animation - The animation is pretty good, but sometimes it doesn't always flow well when it comes to the dances.  Sound - Some of the songs are kinds odd to hear at first, but play it a few more times and you might be hooked XD Kao Kai's song and dance might be cheesy, but I really liked the elegance of it. Oh and Starmyu also has a song called Elegance. :D Otori's voice actor has great english pronunciation! :D Characters - The characters in Starmyu don't have a lot of depth, but they are'll kinda quirky and cute when they're together XD Otori and Hiragi are the characters with the most depth. Oh and Inumine is such an oddball XD  Overall - I really enjoyed this anime because: 1) boys! XD  Otori: Hey boys!~ 2) Singing! (+dancing) 3) I laughed a lot So I recommend this anime if you're only looking for those 3 things. 

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