Starlight Promises

Alt title: Yakusoku no Nanaya Matsuri

Web (1 ep x 62 min)
3.51 out of 5 from 473 votes
Rank #5,862

"A festival of miracle, where you can meet whoever you want to meet." Mihara Shoma, a first-year in high school, receives a message from his best friend Atsushi, who he hadn't heard from in ages. "Wanna come to this cool little festival I found? It's been a while, so I'd like to catch up." Unable to sit around after that, Shoma heads to a ghost village in the mountains for the Tanabata Nanayamatsuri. But he doesn't find Atsushi there. Instead, he meets a girl named Shiori, who has someone she wants to meet as well. Will Shoma be able to meet Atsushi once again?

Source: Crunchyroll

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Not a great story, it's just average with nothing that makes it stand out from the norm. It just seems like a 1-hour tourist promotional commercial for the Tanabata Festival. They added some sci-fi elements to try to make it more interesting and to serve as an excuse to give the protagonists greater abilities, but they fail at delivering the graphics for such abilities, as the fights are unimpressive and it's just average animation for 2018. They insinuate the plot quite early so you can see the outcome of the story almost from the beginning, but the plot twist itself didn't have the weight to carry the mystery of the story further anyway, as we have seen this kind of story done better in previous animes, Anohana comes to mind and Children Who Chase Lost Voices. The reasons for the fights are quite lame, so it's the use of amnesia as a lazy plot device. There are quite a few plot holes that I cannot mention in order to avoid spoilers. I should also mention that the focus of the show it's more on the festival than anything else that perhaps, should be more important for the story, hence why it feels more like a commercial than an actual drama. Overall, do I recommend it? No, although some people have enjoyed it as shown by other reviewers, which is why I give it a try, and also why I'm writing this review to warn others to lower their expectations. If you are someone who watches anime because of the graphics, then you'll probably enjoy this a lot more than someone like me, who watches anime because of its creative stories.

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