Stardust Telepath

Alt title: Hoshikuzu Telepath

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.32 out of 5 from 443 votes
Rank #10,466

Umika is a sweet yet shy high school girl. She has trouble speaking to others and dreams of having a friend from another planet. But her lonely school life takes a cosmic turn when she meets transfer student Yu, an alien with telepathic powers! The two become close and promise to go to space one day. So, they decide to build a rocket and shoot for the stars, making new friends along the way.

Source: Crunchyroll

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Well I have to first say something before going into the review, like I think anime planet forgot to drop the girls love tag in the genre, cuz like in all the other apps I have been using it say's it is a girls love anime so I didn't knew that!! So anime planet add that tag!!!!!!!!! okay so now onto the review ( • ̀ω•́ )✧, so I got to mention this is a pretty neesh anime, like from the artwork to the voice acting and to the animation it was pretty good ᕙ( •̀ ᗜ •́ )ᕗ, the anime went right ahead in the first episode giving us the gay vibes yuri fans want, like forehead telepathy,  they touch their foreheads to see what the other person was thinking ( ≖‿  ≖ ) The anime is basically about a girl named Umika, she is socially awkward and has a a lot of trouble speaking up to others, (I just want to say why do people say she's an introvert, I want to point out that introvert are not socially awkward, they can talk to ther people just fine, it's just there social battery die out easily, then an extrovert other than that nothing, being soically awkward is a different thing oka and here our main character is very socially awkwardif I were to call anyone a introvert in anime it has to be raimon, okay peace out of my little rant) her goal is to go out of space and find her place there where people would like her, then she encounters an alien Akeuchi, she is one of my favourite characters in the anime, always a sociall butterfly, I loved her personality till the end and was always there to cheer up others I loved everything about I have to say. So basically she's an alien from out of space and here our main character promised her to make her a rocket so she can go home, well since they had a common goal, they would be hitting two birds with one stone basically, and so from there she meets up the other girls and they basicaly went to build a rocket, and the story starts from here!!  The characters in this anime were drawn so cutely, I will say I will miss this anime I would want a season 2 to see my Akeuchi x Umika ship sail, Umika at first blushed real hard but by  the end Akeuchi was the blushing real hard!! This is a real cute anime I would suggest this anime to anyone who's into girls love and to someone who hasnt watched nay in this genre a good way to introduce the girls love genre! So I recomend you to watch it, well yeah go ahead, it's a good cute anime


U know every time of this year there's always that one anime that becomes my fav for some reason last year it akebi maid war and before that it was adachi to shimamura and for this year i was pretty confused between otaku elf,nier and Stardust telepath but after deep analysis i decided that this year my favourite would be Stardust telepath and otaku elf (can't choose one sorry).  This is a story about an awkward girl who can't speak well with others because she's SHY(ik bad refrence) and then she finds an alien who she thinks she can become friends with because she wanted to find a place to belong along the way making more friends. It's a simple and somewhat overused concept of shy protag makes friends typa thing but the way the creators directed the show amd presented it by the amazing animation it stands above the rest by far. Even the voice acting I don't know what it's called but it felt like asmd typa shit because i was also using noise cancellation headphones and their voices were so defined and high up that it felt like they were talking just behind me. The show is really good and i even decided to binge the whole show again after the last episode is released because i grew too attached to this show by a lot because of its cgdct theme and it's animation and ost's. It's a pretty solid show and the best of the season for me. I know some people hate this show for its so called "overwhelming drama" but I don't see much drama in it. Its just ur typical drama which happens once in a slice of life shit but i didn't mind that all. 

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