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When Yomogi Asanaka, a first-year student at Fujiyokidai High School, meets Gauma, he claims to be a “kaiju user.” But the appearance of a kaiju followed by the entry of the gigantic robot, Dynazenon, backs up his mysterious words. And after Yume Minami, Koyomi Yamanaka, and Chise Asukagawa end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, they get dragged into the desperate fight against the kaiju!

Source: Funimation

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SSSS.Dynazenon is Simply a Sloppy Spiritless Show With SSSS.Gridman being one of my all time favorites shows, I was as hyped as one could possibly be for Dynazenon. Even if they are just in the same universe and not really sequels thanks to the fact that they are made by the same people I was expecting to get something of the same quality, and I ended up being sorely disappointed. Story & Themes…?The story completely lacks direction. Backstory that we get in episode 8 feels like it should have been in episode 2, plot points that were seemingly dropped pop up out of nowhere and the “characters arcs” are so vague that I’m not even sure why half of them happened.  While the show kept winking and hinting about something more… it ended up just being a “big robot punches big monster show”. And hey, I can still love that. But I don’t appreciate them trying to make it look like more. Entire dialogues towards the end of the show would with no context seem like the characters are discussing the core themes of the show, and yet half the stuff they mention is being brought up for the first time. The problem is not that it lacks a message, but that it pretends to have a message but doesn't. It all just felt disingenuous.  The most emotional aspect ended up being the heroes dealing with their personal life struggles, as is often the case in these types of shows. The unfortunate thing is that they never managed to fully connect the action and the drama. Half of the characters not only solved their life issues with no help from their fellow protagonists but also in ways that were independent from the rest of the story. The fact that they solved their problems (and how) was… incidental to the plot. Speaking of characters... CharactersNobody in this show seems to give much of a fuck. I’m not joking. The protagonists (sans one) all fight the Kaiju just because they happened to get involved accidentally one day. The antagonists are not exactly sure what is going on and just follow the Kaiju’s lead. And the population of the city is unnaturally passive to the Kaiju’s destruction.  Everyone seems to just drift through the events and just accept them passively. A relevant example is how the two high schoolers react after one of their early battles.Are they happy they won? Nope. Sad about the destruction of the city and the undoubtedly thousands dead? Nah they don’t even think about that.Mentally exhausted by piloting a giant mecha? Nah they are fine really. They just go “Oh no look at the time! we are going to be late for school.” And walk away. I’m not saying everyone needs to be mentally scarred for life like in Evangelion but I just wished anyone… cared. If the characters don’t, it’s hard for me to. Production valuesThe pleasing art style combined with impeccable shot direction makes this show have a lot of screenshot worthy scenes in the Slice of Life moments. Sadly, the animation is often not up to par. After episode 3 there is a clear production drop and many scenes are unnaturally still (or shot from very far away), where the show is clearly trying to buy time with its limited animation. The CGI used in the fights is above average and the mecha and kaijus models are very well done. Said CG fights can be a little floaty to some but I still enjoyed them. The OST is great.. when it’s used. Half the show completely lacks BGM and while in the early parts I appreciated that for the mood it created after a while, it often ended up feeling like they just forgot to play it. I also feel like it made some scenes unintentionally eerie.  Still, all the action scenes have the music perfectly complementing the fight and it’s vital to the excitement of some of the best scenes in the show. Overall, this was just a big disappointment. If you are just looking for a big robot to fight big monsters and some characters with dope designs then sure give it a shot. If you are looking for anything meaningful or remarkable, look somewhere else.


SSSS.Gridman was the follow-up to the old Gridman TV-show called Denkou Choujin Gridman from the '90s and SSSS.Dynazenon takes place in the same universe. The computer world is a parallel universe to the real world, but it's possible for people to cross-over from the real world to the computer world. What happens in the computer world will have some form of impact on the real world.  The cities our main protagonists find themselves in are modelled after their real world environment. It's basically like a folder on your computer, where the files inside the folder are a generated computer city. But each folder will come with its own settings, making each city a different experience but are catered to help our main protagonists feel at ease. This is also somewhat explained in SSSS.Gridman where Akane was made aware that the city was created for her, hence why she wanted to flatten and rebuild it. Why the lengthy explanation? Well, I feel a lot of people get really hung up on why the city isn't the same as the SSSS.Gridman city (Akane's creation) and I do feel it's a valid reason for people to be confused about what's going on. Having knowledge of the '90s TV-show will make a lot of the references used in the TV-shows easier to understand... maybe even make the whole experience more enjoyable, but it's not necessary to watch it. The same applied to SSSS.Gridman with its references to previous events, references to other TV-shows, kaijus and villains. It's cool to know what they're referencing, but it's not necessary to enjoy the show. How do people find themselves in this world? It's a form of escapism, the same way as a lot of people lose themselves in video games to get away from their troubles in the real world. Without all this info though, the show is still a great experience because it doesn't really change the general idea behind the show. The characters start out as people who feel that they can't depend on anybody, having serious trust issues, struggling through life with low self-esteem. As stated above, most people would fall back to gaming as a way to escape their reality, so I personally really enjoy that this whole topic is handled in a more unique way. It's a rather unique take on the Isekai genre in a setting with shiny robots and over the top Kaijus!

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