SPY x FAMILY 2nd Season - Reviews

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Dec 25, 2023

Hot take: This show became uhhh pretty mid and boring, not gonna lie. Why? Well, let me present you with a hypothetical.

You get offered cake, alright? And at first you accept it, and it's good, and then you get offered more cake, and it's fine, then you get offered more, and at that point, you get sick of it, but that's what you only get offered.

Spy x Family Season 2 is basically that. An overabundance of one thing and not really much else.
Granted, for what it does, it does really well. I think the slice of life moments are well executed, displaying the characters in entertaining moments, and it really helps you show that Family feel of the show. And the sound, visual, and animation department is top notch as always, and it's never going to be an object of criticism for me because from the start it's proven to be really great

But...that's basically the only thing that's in abundance. While most people deem it fine with the show just being a montage of the Forger family engaging in shenanigans, or the other side characters going about the stuff, to me personally it feels like the story has taken a back seat for the sake of filler or episodic structures where it's just characters placed in different situations without so much as a process of development or changes in the current situation in the plot.

Yes, I know Yor's arc on the boat was technically Yor getting development, but to me it feels lacking because for one, it still suffers from the issues I mentioned, feeling like filler, not adding anything to the story, and the development itself feels lacking, like there's no inherent change beyond just motivational changes. Yes, it is well animated action, but the action itself doesn't feel emotionally engaging, because the show has shown time and time again, either for the sake of a gag or just a display of coolness, how strong Yor is. While she did struggle, I never thought for a second she would lose because I knew for one reason or another that she would win, how else would the status quo of the Forger family be maintained after all, if by the end of the fight, Yor doesn't return to her family with them being none the wiser to her job?

And that realization I feel displays the writing limitations of the show. The Forger family has to keep their double lives a secret, so no matter what situation befalls on them, they'll go back to being this happy family that doesn't seem suspicious of their own lives, otherwise, there'll be a change in the dynamic, and they'll not be able to do this happy, slice of life fluff the show is known for. But having an overabundance of said SOL fluff leads to stagnancy, an element that's already shown given the lack of progression to Operation Strix, Loid's reason for starting a family in the first place. You can have the fluff, that's not my issue, but you need to have some progression, otherwise you'll tire out people from the lack of progress.

Perhaps it'll change with the upcoming movie, but as the second season stands in a vacuum, the show fails to pick up where the first season left off properly, opting to just settle with letting the characters just go through the motions of a narrative without much change in the status quo.

It's been often said, but mostly ignored, that the mangaka/writer of the show doesn't really enjoy or like Spy x Family. That he deemed it as rehab work, or a side project that he would not commit much work into. And I gotta say, with how the second season went about, it shows. Which makes this all the more depressing when his rehab work basically became his most famous IP thus far, as opposed to his previous works.

After all, if you're probably not having any fun with your work, it's gonna show, and others probably won't have any fun going through it.

Also Yor is overrated. That's it.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Dec 25, 2023

Spy x Family was once hailed as one of the MAL's top-rated shows for a brief period, even managing to secure a spot within the top 20 rankings after just one episode of its first season. Nevertheless, about a year later, it appears that everyone doesn't care as much as they used to with the current season failing to breach MAL's top 300. Let me elaborate on the possible reason behind this shift in interest.

Spy x Family consists of mainly multiple disconnected short stories that span between half an episode to two episodes which focus on different characters from a wide variety of cast members. Sometimes those stories include a simple but meaningful message for you to take from and deal with some dark subject matter, however, most of these stories have little to no impact on the overarching narrative of the series. With an overabundance of these disconnected short stories, the main plot becomes sidelined for extended periods, to the extent that you can sometimes forget there was a goal in the first place. This can be seen in this season especially with the main goal of getting closer to Donovan Desmond, not progressing in any sort of way. Even the goal of Anya getting 8 golden stars has been sidelined to the point where the characters even joke about how she hasn’t been getting any. As of this season, it’s become quite clear that the way the author has structured the story seems to facilitate its perpetual continuation, a trope often seen in comedy anime (Gintama, Saiki K). However, when the central theme is as serious as preventing a war, the copious amounts of random slice-of-life comedy episodes leaves viewers pondering when the narrative will truly advance.

Overall, the majority of Spy x Family Season 2's runtime is dominated by disconnected short stories, often lacking in references or connections to the overarching narrative, creating an impression that you're just watching filler. Even the boat arc in the middle felt like a detour as, aside from some character development for Yor which we are yet to see the full outcome of, nothing that happened there really mattered in the grand scheme of things. While episodic shows can be enjoyable, introducing an important end goal without offering any meaningful narrative payoff for an entire season can be a drawback. The show's popularity and praise has seemed to be going down as a result of the show pretty much devolving into a Saturday morning cartoon with violent action. While it may serve as a good casual time-waster if you enjoy the comedy, don't expect any plot advancements in this season.


Final Scorings
Animation: 7/10

Artstyle + 2 (Unique)
Consistency + 2 (Consistent)
Backgrounds + 1 (Standard)
Sakuga + 1 (Good fight animations)
Directing + 1 (Standard)

Sound: 7/10

Voice acting + 1 (Standard)
Soundtrack + 2 (Cool spy music)
Sound effects + 1 (Standard)
OP/ED + 2 (Catchy)
Purposefulness + 1 (Standard)

Story: 3/10

Premise/Setting + 1 (Spy battles)
Pacing + 1 (Episodic)
Plausibility + 0 (None)
Themes + 1 (Basic)
Conclusion + 0 (Inconclusive)

Characters: 6/10

Personality/Presence + 1 (Basic/Captivating)
Motivations + 0 (Unimportant)
Interpersonal Dynamics + 2 (Quirky)
Development + 1 (Some)
Appeal + 2 (Charming)

Enjoyment: 4/10 (Episode 11 had the most laughs, the rest were were mostly a mediocre)

Overall: 5.4/10 ~ 5/10

3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Dec 25, 2023

I think this is one of the stronger seasons/parts to Spy X Family, therefore I'd rank it higher than the other parts (aside from the first) and this is for one reason, the fact that there's an arc in this season and it's not just a different story each episode. While this is a slice of life anime, it was nice to see a longer arc that would also provide a bit of character development for Yor.

For the most part, this part is similar to the others, being different stories in each episode, most of them either have action, comedy or are wholesome, or a blend of both, which is good, and it's cute to see the family interact with each other and their bonds become stronger. But with the cruise ship arc, with tension building up, Yor realizing she cares for her family and that sort of becoming her priority, Loid trying to be a good father to Anya, and Anya juggling knowing everything that's going on, it felt exciting and sweet at the same time.

The quality is just as good as the other parts/seasons, the animation is really good along with the sound. I have to mention the opening sung by Ado which I absolutely loved, her voice is so cool.

Season Two was well done and I liked it better than Season One, Part Two, since it was a blend of smaller stories and an arc. Overal, I'd suggest watching it if you already like Spy X Family, and if you want to hear Ado's awesome opening.

7/10 story
8.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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Dec 9, 2023

Best season yet!!!!!!!!! :)

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 10, 2024


As I hoped in my review of the second half of the first season, the story is back on track a bit, and we’re treated to an entire arc that focuses on Yor’s assasin work. Outside from that, the series remains true to itself without any drop in quality.


Comme je l’espérais dans mon avis sur la seconde partie de la première saison, l’histoire est revenue un peu sur les rails, et nous avons droit à un arc narratif entier qui met l’attention sur le travail d’assasine de Yor. Pour le reste, la série reste fidèle à elle-même sans baisse de qualité.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall