Spy Classroom

Alt titles: Spy Kyoushitsu, Spy Room

TV (12 eps)
3.218 out of 5 from 1,121 votes
Rank #11,796

When every country in the world engages in a shadowy war of espionage, there will always be work for those who are willing to take on the risks. To answer the call, the world's greatest spy creates an organization dedicated to tackling missions considered impossible...though it remains to be seen why the seven members of this group all have no experience!

Source: Yen Press

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This show is pretty frustrating IMO. Spy Classroom is about how warfare was exchanged for espionage in a fictional war. There exists a type of assignment known as an "impossible mission" which can often be seen as potentially life-threatening. We follow the spy Klaus who was previously a member of a spy group called Inferno. But things did not go well. He is tasked with taking seven flunkies and one of their first tasks is trying to capture him. The show is structured weirdly. The first half of the anime is the girls preparing to embark on their "impossible mission" with the other half being the building up to them entering enemy territory. In some ways, it makes sense because the show actually introduces a character who was behind the scenes from the beginning. But by doing so, the show is not something that can easily be digested. Despite it being a show about spies, it can actually get boring even with the stakes because you know the characters will be fine due to foregone conclusion. That also goes into the girls' attempts at getting the drop on Klaus but he always turns the tables on him. Seriously not since Talentless Nana have I seen something so contrived. Klaus does so many acts, it begs the question if he is even human. That whole "he is a great spy" can only go so far as an excuse until you have to accept that the show works in his favor. As for the other characters, aside from Lily, the other girls are underdeveloped or could be summed up with the "ability" they wield. The first half of the anime has them gearing up for the mission but not really interacting outside of trying to catch Klaus. Even with the flashbacks, there is still so little that we know of the girls aside from their brief mentions of their backstories which doesn't really make you feel for the characters because you know they would be fine. The animation, at the least, is nice to look at. But writing-wise, it is a very generic show.

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