Spriggan (2022)

Web (6 eps x 45 min)
3.524 out of 5 from 846 votes
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Spriggan (2022)

An ancient alien civilization's relics on Earth hold dangerous powers. The ARCAM corporation's Spriggan agents must keep them out of the wrong hands.

Source: Netflix

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Netflix another shot at high production anime.This time they managed to hit the nail. I'm not familiar with the original so i wont be comparing, just giving opnion as it was a fresh work and well its pretty decent. Great action and decent sci fi vibes. Totally worth your time if you 're into both things.but lets break down the anime a bitStory:kinda, standard. Nothing really outstanding but its really fun. There is enought misteries on the background to keep you intrested and no dialogues or plot is dull to the point of ruining the fun. I kinda liked that the technolgical mumbo jumbo was presented in a beleivable way. Its far fetched yet it never forces the suspension of belief. i usually dont like episodic aproach but it didnt bothered me aside from the fact that no character received taht much focus. No big info dumps either a terrible habit in animes of this type. The only problem is that its really your standard sci fi/military plot. animation/sound:the best part, wonderfull fight scenes. reallly you can pretty much watch just for that. POints to the use of CGI. Most of the time you barely notice, when you do its really no big deal. Sound and V.A are top quality as well. No complaints on technical value.characters:as usual, tahts when most netflix animes tend to fail. Characters aren't bad by anymeans. Having a nice guy MC that doesnt sound stupid and ureasonable is always nice. Yet no one really stands out either. You probably wont remember anyone aside from the MC and the thief girl a few weeks after you watched. The episodic format dont flash out anyone  that much even if many of them are presented as quite important people for the plot. conclusion:as a said its a pretty good watch just for the action. The epsodic format ends up hindering the narrative but it helps making the flow fast and action focused so at least you wont get bored with feeler scenes. Still i wound've liked to see a bit more of the rest of the ARCAM. I suspect netflix is doing the same they did with castlavania, poking the viewers to see if they get interested before puting too much effort on the show. Myself at least got hooked enough by the end to expect another season.so go watch if you are a fun of guns and explosion.

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