Spoon Oba-san

Alt title: Mrs. Pepperpot

TV (130 eps x 10 min)
1983 - 1984
2.584 out of 5 from 145 votes
Rank #8,303

Mrs. Pepperpot lives a simple life with her husband in a small village; but while her life may be simple, she certainly is not! Mrs. Pepperpot wears a teaspoon around her neck and at the most impossible times she shrinks and becomes just as small as it is; the downside is that the neighborhood animals often try to eat her, but the upside is she can communicate with them! Three schoolboys try their best to cause her trouble and her husband isn’t a big help either, but nevertheless Mrs. Pepperpot tries to run her household as best she can without revealing her secret. From doing chores to helping animals in distress to teaching mice to swim, Mrs. Pepperpot’s life is never dull!

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