Spirit of Wonder: Miss China's Ring

Alt title: Spirit of Wonder: China-san no Yuuutsu

Movie (1 ep x 45 min)
3.203 out of 5 from 284 votes
Rank #5,283

It is the 19th century, and a young woman named "Miss China" runs the Tenkai boarding house and restaurant by the seaside. Her tenants are an unreliable bunch: Breckenridge, a crazy old inventor who always manages to pay his rent late, and Jim, the local watch-store apprentice who has caught China's eye. With the creation of a special invention, Jim's plans to give China the most beautiful ring in the world finally become a reality. Join the trio as they travel to the moon and back, and experience the spirit of wonder.

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How I even get to this anime in the first place? Characters Miss China:  A very energetic asian woman that owns a restaurant and also offers lodging in the second floor. She knows martial arts, and has not a similar hair style of Chun Li... it has the same hair style, and also use similar blue dress. It would be ideal to point Chun Li character was created for Street Fighter in 1987 and this is 1992. Dr. Breckenridge: he lives in one of the rooms of Miss China, and he has quite a debt regarding the rent and the food. He is an inventor, and waste his money on that. He is always trying to get investors and to delay to get kicked from his room by miss China. I will call him the Doctor, more easy. Jim Floyd: Is the Dr. assistance, he helps him to get parts for his inventions. He works in a clock watch shop. Lily: She has a flower shop, and she sells many things to Jim. I will point here and now, most of the weak plot construction is around this character.  Plot You don`t know how the china ring came to me? What a clever idea to start an anime with a question to public, I will use it in this review. The story will be constructed around Miss China, Jim and the Doctor. So the story starts, we are on a village on the shore of Prince of Wales Island. We will see Miss China working hard at the restaurant, then we will see her trying to get the rent of the Doctor. There are many childs that make this story more alive. She knows martial arts so we will see her doing some martial arts moves. The daily life of the characters is well builded. It will be Miss China birthday, thats important. I have to point that is easy to spot there is a love triangle between Miss China, Jim and Lily. So well the Doctor and Jim are working in certain device. And as the Description says, and the portrait of this anime shows. Is related to the moon? So I am going to cut the plot there, is a 42 min ova. Music and Sound The best part of this anime. It has string and flute intro. Then some violins use. Electronic music for machines operating. And the ending is an asian song with female vocal singer. Animation Is very good, characters have very good proportions, character movements are good.  If animation is a tool for story telling, and the story is weak, maybe your choises for animation can be affected. Like there could be better scenes builded. Mayor Critic I am going to be hard and serious here. And since the anime started with questions I will use questions to get my point. Is this a martial arts anime? Is this a romance anime? Is this an historical anime? Is this a slice of life anime of how an asian woman lives in Europe? is this an anime focused in technology or science develop? Is all the five things at the same time, and it doesn´t stand out in any field. The romance triangle is weak. The technology ends in a fantastic whatever, we have Chun Li, I mean Miss China as bar owner. And as historical anime, you have to follow the rules of History, you cant make North America explode and say is historical right?  Is like a dish, there are good ingredients, but sometimes if you put to many in short time, ends being a big what ever. And I sadly have to point it has low re-watch value. A good point to the anime is its stands good with no antagonist, but thats the only thing it really impressed me. The 3.2 score is fair, it doesn`t deserve to be in a pitfall of 2/5 in my opinion since the anime doesnt fall as a silly one. Rating 3/5

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