Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

Alt title: Keishichou Tokumu Bu Tokushu Kyouakuhan Taisaku Shitsu Dai Nana Ka: Tokunana

TV (2+ eps)
2019 - ?
Fall 2019
3.202 out of 5 from 161 votes
Rank #4,618
Special 7: Special Crime Investigation Unit

In the year 2x19, the last of the “dragons” have banded together and taken the form of humans. A group known as Nine is after the dragons’ power. To combat Nine and protect the dragons, the police create the Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special 7. Seiji, a bright and knowledgeable rookie, joins Special 7 and is tasked with solving cases about Nine, alongside his unique new teammates.

Source: Funimation

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