Sparrow's Hotel

TV (12 eps x 3 min)
1.985 out of 5 from 742 votes
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Sayuri Satou works as a front desk clerk at a typical downtown hotel, but she's no ordinary employee! In addition to her friendly smile and massive chest, Sayuri is also strangely skilled at hand-to-hand combat, making her an excellent bodyguard against the ruffians who loiter outside the establishment.  Alongside fellow co-workers Misono and Tamaki, Sayuri helps run day-to-day activities at the Sparrow's Hotel such as renting out rooms for Golden Week and performing for surprise inspections! 

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The Invincible Front Desk Lady image

Episode 1

The Invincible Front Desk Lady

Large Breasts and Assassination image

Episode 2

Large Breasts and Assassination

Cherry Blossom Viewing Rocks! image

Episode 3

Cherry Blossom Viewing Rocks!

Kojou "S" On the Scene image

Episode 4

Kojou "S" On the Scene

Golden Week! image

Episode 5

Golden Week!

Both My Hotel and My Wallet Are in a Slump image

Episode 6

Both My Hotel and My Wallet Are in a Slump

The New Sparrow's Hotel Has Begun image

Episode 7

The New Sparrow's Hotel Has Begun

The Infiltrator Returns image

Episode 8

The Infiltrator Returns

Sudden Comic Event image

Episode 9

Sudden Comic Event

The Day the Storms Arise image

Episode 10

The Day the Storms Arise

Satou-san is Off Today image

Episode 11

Satou-san is Off Today

Wish Upon a Star image

Episode 12

Wish Upon a Star

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ecdrewello1's avatar
ecdrewello1 May 14, 2013
Score 7/10

Good for a quick giggle (3 min. eps). A large-breated kawaii assasin works the front desk of a Hotel in downtown Tokyo. The animation is cheesy looking, but that's OK for what this is.  read more



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