Space Runaway Ideon: Contact

Alt title: Densetsu Kyojin Ideon Sesshoku-hen

Movie (1 ep x 85 min)
3.237 out of 5 from 165 votes
Rank #11,617

After colonizing the planet Solo of the Andromeda galaxy, earthling scientists uncover ancient mechanisms built by a lost nation from long ago. They find that these mechanisms can combine to create a giant mecha called Ideon. They name this vanished nation the Sixth Civilization as it is the sixth example of intelligent alien life the human race has encountered. What the earthlings do not realize, however, is that they are soon to encounter the seventh: the Buff Clan, humans from a world other than Earth who have come seeking a legendary power source known as the Ide. Fortuitously, just as first contact with the Buff Clan turns violent, the earthlings assemble Ideon and discover the ancient robot is powerful enough to protect them. But is Ideon in fact the power source of legend, and what is the extent of its might? The earthlings can only hope to discover the answer before it is too late.

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