Space Brothers

Alt title: Uchuu Kyoudai

TV (99 eps)
- 2014
Spring 2012
4.391 of 5 from 3,256 votes
Rank #238

When Mutta and Hibito were children, they made a promise to become astronauts together after spotting a UFO one night. Now adults, the duo's path couldn't have diverged more – Hibito is about to travel to the moon with NASA to help simulate the future exploration of Mars, and Mutta is unemployed, having recently headbutted his boss at an auto company. Still, the man can't shake his desire to surpass his younger brother, and soon, he becomes an applicant for Japan's JAXA space program. His ultimate goal, to get one step ahead of Hibito and go to Mars. But the path to becoming an astronaut is long and fraught with tests and challenges. Will Mutta and newfound friends Kenji and Serika manage to persevere and achieve their dream?

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#01  Little Brother Hibito and Big Brother Mutta image

Episode 1

#01 Little Brother Hibito and Big Brother Mutta

My Shining Star image

Episode 2

My Shining Star

The Man with the Advantage and the Running Female Doctor image

Episode 3

The Man with the Advantage and the Running Female Doctor

Next to Hibito image

Episode 4

Next to Hibito

Days of Missing image

Episode 5

Days of Missing

Et Cetera in My Head image

Episode 6

Et Cetera in My Head

Dear Hibito image

Episode 7

Dear Hibito

Smoky Heaven image

Episode 8

Smoky Heaven

Individual Resolve image

Episode 9

Individual Resolve

Running Bus image

Episode 10

Running Bus

Trapped Rivals image

Episode 11

Trapped Rivals

My Name Is Itou Serika image

Episode 12

My Name Is Itou Serika

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Ebhen's avatar
Ebhen Jul 11, 2013
Score 8/10

I have now watched 43 eps of this series and still have 20 to go until I'm up to speed with the series because it is still running. (65 eps right now) But I can probably give a decent review having watched more than two seasons now. First of all, Space brothers is slow, so if you're looking for action, go watch something else.
But if you like slice of life series with deep character development and slow... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Sep 12, 2012
Score 5/10

- Animated by A-1 Pictures. They usually have great production values but they went easy on this one, so it doesn’t look as amazing as their other works.
- Directed by Watanabe Ayumu, who prefers to deal only with retro-style anime (Doraemon movies and Nazo no Kanojo X).
- Based on an award winning novel. Not a light novel, so there is going to be some quality here.

... read more

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