Space Adventure Cobra

Alt title: Space Cobra

TV (31 eps)
1982 - 1983
3.92 out of 5 from 545 votes
Rank #1,625

Cobra is a futuristic ladies' man with a gun for an arm and selective memories of his past. His inherited weapon, the Psychogun, is an unusual tool which responds to his very thoughts. Due to his strength and choice of weaponry, Cobra lives his life as a pirate whose main goal is to elude the nefarious bunch of evildoers known only as the Guild. Follow his space adventures as he lives on the run from both sides of the law!

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Resurrection! The Psycho-Gun image

Episode 1

Resurrection! The Psycho-Gun

Monstrosity! Zigova image

Episode 2

Monstrosity! Zigova

Archenemy! Crystal Bowie image

Episode 3

Archenemy! Crystal Bowie

Escape!! Sid Prison image

Episode 4

Escape!! Sid Prison

Mystery! Who is the Fearsome Sniper? image

Episode 5

Mystery! Who is the Fearsome Sniper?

The Magician’s Identity!! image

Episode 6

The Magician’s Identity!!

Jane’s Revenge! image

Episode 7

Jane’s Revenge!

Fierce Battle! Cobra versus Bowie image

Episode 8

Fierce Battle! Cobra versus Bowie

Behold!! The Snow Gorilla Pirates! image

Episode 9

Behold!! The Snow Gorilla Pirates!

The Tattoo’s Secret image

Episode 10

The Tattoo’s Secret

Zados, the Sand Planet image

Episode 11

Zados, the Sand Planet

The Dreadful Ultimate Weapon image

Episode 12

The Dreadful Ultimate Weapon

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ThatAnimeSnob's avatar
ThatAnimeSnob Dec 1, 2012
Score 5/10

This series is James Bond in Space. Quite ridiculous as far as realism goes but has that "I'm too cool for school" attitude. The way I see it, Space Adventure Cobra was back then, what date sims are today. For some reason, all retro sci-fi series pictured the far future as a vast harem of skimpy clothed women the all-mighty lead captain must fight and save from ugly aliens, so he... read more

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