Sound! Euphonium Specials

Alt title: Hibike! Euphonium Specials

DVD Special (7 eps x 2 min)
3.356 out of 5 from 819 votes
Rank #8,955

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Unaired specials included in the BD/DVD volume releases of Sound! Euphonium.

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I always wondered what an anime series means when it offers what it calls 'specials.'  This thought came up when I watched the seven two and a half-minute shorts for the first season of Sound! Euphonium (2015).  This product from Kyoto Animation intrigued me and I had two theories why this company offered this grand total of 17.5 minutes of entertainment. Kyoto Animation was field testing new animation techniques for the next season. Apparently not.  Still the brown-tinted (with wisps of baby blue) world of musicians and the music they love. To incorporate important new themes which will develop during the new season. Cancel that thought.  More fun than theme.  In fact, little to do with music. But girls being girls.  Spot on target! The short-series used the animation technique of the first season.  Funny, other franchises as Bang! Dream and Yuuki Yuno is a Hero resort to chibi-style when they go rouge and do something less dramatic, more zany.  Not Sound! Euphonium.  Stand pat with the hand you’re dealt, even if it is that is colored in earth tone. Short features cannot go into depth, but they offer quick glimpses.  Nothing remotely music-based, other than the last episode which explains 'transitional instruments.’  Still don't have a clue what they were talking about.  Just think of a piano where 'C' is the first key, another piano where 'G' is the first key, another E-flat ... yada, yada … WHAT?  But the girls' thoughts on the real life of conductor Taki-sensei (assassin, punk rocker, patisserie ... none of the above).  Sapphire explaining cute.  Nothing deep.  Nothing that will be on any future Sound! Euphonium final exam.  Just touches of comedy, usually dry and whimsical, nothing raucously LOL. So, my third theory.  The Sound! Euphonium Specials were a set of animations to ride the crest of popularity the first season had while it tries to preserve same for season next, before the flurry of personalities at Kitauji High flare up and band against each other. I think this one hits the nail on the head.

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