Sound! Euphonium

Alt title: Hibike! Euphonium

TV (13 eps)
4.179 out of 5 from 5,251 votes
Rank #759
Sound! Euphonium

Spring in the first year of high school. Kumiko, a member of the brass band in junior high school, visits the high school brass band club with classmates Hazuki and Sapphire. There, she comes across Reina, her former classmate from junior high. Hazuki and Sapphire decide to join the club, but Kumiko can’t make up her mind. She recollects her experience with Reina at a competition in junior high school.

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Welcome to High School image

Episode 1

Welcome to High School

Nice to Meet You, Euphonium image

Episode 2

Nice to Meet You, Euphonium

The First Ensemble image

Episode 3

The First Ensemble

Singing Solfège image

Episode 4

Singing Solfège

Festival Time image

Episode 5

Festival Time

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tuba image

Episode 6

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tuba

Crybaby Saxaphone image

Episode 7

Crybaby Saxaphone

Festival Triangle image

Episode 8

Festival Triangle

Please, Audition image

Episode 9

Please, Audition

Straight Trumpet image

Episode 10

Straight Trumpet

Welcome Back, Audition image

Episode 11

Welcome Back, Audition

My Euphonium image

Episode 12

My Euphonium

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gh02t's avatar
gh02t Jul 1, 2015
Score 5.5/10

Tl;dr - blah blah blah, I just kept waiting for something interesting to happen. Then it was over. That's what she said, I know. Seems like there have been a lot of shows about high school musicians recently. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was pretty great; it's part of the reason for this sudden explosion of a genre that was pretty limited before. Hibike Euphonium takes a little bit different approach and focuses on... read more

DerekL's avatar
DerekL Jul 1, 2015
Score 9/10

I added Euph to my queue because it looked interesting and like it might be a slice-of-life or CGDCT, both genres I enjoy.  By the end of the first episode, it was clear that it neither and it was so much more - and I was hooked. (Warning, light spoilers ahead.) Sound! Euphonhium opens on Kumiko's first day at Kitauji High School, a school she's chosen because she likes the uniforms... read more

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