Sound & Fury

Alt title: Sturgill Simpson Presents Sound & Fury

Web (1 ep x 41 min)
Fall 2019
2.348 out of 5 from 243 votes
Rank #9,201

In this anime visual album, a mysterious driver heads deep into a postapocalyptic hellscape toward a ferocious showdown with two monstrous opponents.

Source: Netflix

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First off, I want to say that before seeing Sound and Fury I haven't really listened to any of Sturgill Simpson's music. Which is a shame cause I think there were some good songs to be heard in Sound and Fury. I think he meant this anime album to reflect a lot of issues going on in the world today, and hopefully this review will help determine why its worth watching. Story- Its pretty straight-forward, considering the length is more than forty minutes. The main story is focused on a samurai who is out for revenge when his men are killed by a pair of assassins. Fast-forward to the present and you can see that his daughter has become a samurai and is now helping out others by killing tyrant rulers and the like. It reminds me a lot of Mad Max if people are fans of that type of setting. Animation- Each song has an animation team that tries something different, which gives the anime something refreshing. And I think that's why I'm not a super fan of Intergalactic 5555. It has the same animation with the same characters, whereas Sound and Fury also gets to show different characters and their own scenarios. Sound- Since this is an album by Sturgill Simpson, a lot of the rewatchability hinges on the songs themselves. Apparently since he's a country singer from what I heard I thought the songs for this album would be country. The songs are definitely rock, and I think Sturgill Simpson is trying to reach a wider audience with this album. From what I can tell, I think he succeeded. Cause each song has a theme in mind that is being conveyed to the audience, whether it be greed, materialism, revenge, genicide, just to name a few. Characters- There are some characters within the album story that come with their own theme. One example being 59 and his people working in shitty conditions to produce this energy source. Doesn't take much to force them to plan a rebellion. And then we have the samurai and his daughter out for revenge within parts of the story. Now revenge is a theme that's been quite familiar in anime for a while now. Cowboy Bebop, Devilman Crybaby, and also Berserk. Revenge drives people in a way that they'll change in order to get payback, usually for the worse. Its a sobering truth in today's world, one that'll never change. Overall- I think Sturgill Simpson has made a statement with this anime. The world has changed and its going to change even more as time goes on. What matters is how you will be affected. Will you let others change you or will you hold onto your identity, that is the big question. I like how Sound and Fury has made me reflect a bit, and I hope it will for others as well.

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