Soul Eater Not!

TV (12 eps)
2.859 out of 5 from 6,380 votes
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Soul Eater Not!

When 14-year-old Tsugumi discovers her ability to transform into a weapon, she decides to enroll at Death Weapon Meister Academy, or DWMA. There, she hones her skills, and practices with other weapons and the meisters who wield them.

Source: Funimation

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(Sub) Enrolling at DWMA! image

Episode 1

(Sub) Enrolling at DWMA!

(Sub) Girls' Dorms à La Carte! image

Episode 2

(Sub) Girls' Dorms à La Carte!

(Sub) The Witch of the Girls' Dorm! image

Episode 3

(Sub) The Witch of the Girls' Dorm!

(Sub) Waver, Run! image

Episode 4

(Sub) Waver, Run!

(Sub) Invitation Fighting! image

Episode 5

(Sub) Invitation Fighting!

(Sub) This Is a Real Fight! image

Episode 6

(Sub) This Is a Real Fight!

(Sub) Nice Day for a Death Bazaar! image

Episode 7

(Sub) Nice Day for a Death Bazaar!

(Sub) Tsugumi Spiral! image

Episode 8

(Sub) Tsugumi Spiral!

(Sub) Pumpkin Growing! image

Episode 9

(Sub) Pumpkin Growing!

(Sub) The Beginning of the Nightmare! image

Episode 10

(Sub) The Beginning of the Nightmare!

(Sub) Their Various Resolves! image

Episode 11

(Sub) Their Various Resolves!

(Sub) Soul Resonance! image

Episode 12

(Sub) Soul Resonance!

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Howlorihara's avatar
Howlorihara Jul 31, 2014
Score 5/10

I have difficulty putting into words my utter disappointment in this show.  I watched Soul Eater years ago and really loved it.  When I heard that Soul Eater Not! was coming out I was not expecting good results.  I even had a friend of mine warn me not to expect Soul Eater when watching this show.  Even then I was still disappointed.   Story:  The story follows a young weapon new... read more

FakeEmotion's avatar
FakeEmotion Nov 24, 2015
Score 10/10

I understand why so many people are upset with 'Soul Eater Not!", one thing is the vastly different art style, the new characters, and the fact that it's a slice of life anime, I loved it myself. I thought that all of the characters were great even the new ones, I liked that it gave more background on established characters and the Soul Eater Universe, and I think it was great as a slice of life/world... read more

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