Sorcerer Hunters

Alt title: Bakuretsu Hunter

TV (26 eps)
- 1996
3.22 of 5 from 1,943 votes
Rank #4,171

The Sorcerer Hunters spend their days imprisoning magic users who've decided to use their powers for evil. But now, they've become the hunted as the ancient wizard Zahha Torte seeks to take control of the world by unleashing the God of Destruction--a god that lies dormant inside one of the Hunters!

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RazzleBerry Jun 28, 2012
Score 5/10

So far this is a pretty good anime since I’m watching it in 2012 so I have to give it some leeway in the scoring. I do intend to update this review when I finish this series so this is just a starting commentary. The story well so far it’s kind of plain but it is still funny. The animation is old school but still good. The sound was epic, I love the sound track but I know a few people who... read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Jul 15, 2013
Score 7/10

I really do love this show. The comedy is very tongue and cheek but yet it has a lot of interesting characters. It also has an underlineing meaning behind most of the episodes about family ties.

We meet the characters a bit forcefully with some being rather pushy and perverted and others being rather expository. They imply that they have been traveling around a great deal already and so some things have... read more

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