Sorairo Utility (2021)

TV Special (1 ep x 14 min)
3.17 out of 5 from 448 votes
Rank #13,247

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this was pretty fun as a 14 min special ,nothing not really write home about ,but very pleasant summary: Minami sees a girl playing golf in her first day in high schools and falls in love with the sport. she joins a golf club and makes friends (although that part is off-screen), and her current goal is to make put. that’s it story: it's very serviceable not really what i will call good, i feel it's more of a vibe than an actual story. characters: the characters are very nothing, i guess not much they can do with 14 mins. there are some stories that give each character such a well-defined and likable personalities, so much so someone can fall in love with them in seconds. i can't really get that mad they are just kind boring. sound: i don't know jack shit about sound, but it was very nice. animation: the animation is very consistently good. there isn't a single since that will blow anyone away but there's not a single bad one. the charter designs are adorable, they convey what little character these girls have very well. the color plate is soft and bright fitting for the short’s mood. for sports anime depicting the sport accurately is important, i don't know anything about golf so i can't say anything about that.  Recondition: only watch this ONLY if you want to watch something that's low commitment, and is just nice, it's doesn't not have an infectious good energy, nor is it intriguing ,it's only saved by the animation and sound which are a vibe. if you just want good short form content you should check out vivinos on YouTube she has really good stuff, although it's nothing like this.

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