Sora Tobu Yuureisen

Alt title: Flying Phantom Ship

Movie (1 ep x 61 min)
2.644 out of 5 from 272 votes
Rank #6,930

Rumors have been circulating about a 'Ghost Ship' with an undead Captain that is attacking cargo vessels off the coast of Tokyo. For Hayato, a normal boy growing up in the city, these rumors quickly become fact when a giant robot claiming to be an emissary of the Ghost Ship attacks the city and kills his parents. With only thoughts of revenge to comfort him, Hayato plots to destroy the both the robot and the Ghost Ship - but then the inexplicable happens: the Ghost Ship arrives and drives off the rampaging robot instead! Could the flying Ghost Ship actually be a force for justice? If so, why does it attack cargo ships at sea? One way or another, Hayato vows to get to the bottom of this mystery.

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YojimboAuron's avatar
YojimboAuron Feb 4, 2011
Score 8.5/10

A great classic created by legend Shotaro Ishinomori which deserves much more that just an hour long adaptation. Created with absolutely mind blowing animation for it's time of release, which played a major part in movie's very short length and condensed plot, "Flying Ghost Ship" tells an extremely interesting story with a potential to be a whole franchise if expanded, but alas. Everything in... read more



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