Sora no Manimani

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Years ago, Saku moved away from his hometown, leaving behind his friend and tormentor Mihoshi. As a child, Mihoshi constantly forced the bookish and shy Saku to play and look at the stars; and now, as Saku moves back home to attend high school, he prays for a quiet school life free from her grasp. Unfortunately, Saku’s desires are quickly shattered as Mihoshi catches sight of him and convinces him to join the school’s astronomy club. Alongside Mihoshi, the other club members and Hime - another girl from Saku’s past who’s determined to win him over - Saku continues his dreadfully unordinary high school life with a grimace and positive attitude!

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Story: 5.75/10 Astronomi is unique in anime, but nothing else here is. This is not a show you watch for it’s story. The romance part of the story is mainly there for some few sweet moments, but mainly for humor. They did manage to push in some halfdecent backstories for some of the characters though. It doesn’t even have a proper ending. Hardly anything is resolved. It could be a decent season finale, but i doubt we’ll see a sequel to this. Although if we do get one, I’ll watch it.Animation/Artwork/Visual Effects: 6/10 Very, very generic artwork and quality of animation and visual effects. The usual artwork is probably the best kind for a show like this though. Nor does it need to be any better. I think it would just lead to unnecessary movements like in K-ON. Although I don’t think it would hurt if it was just a little better at least, like Hayate no Gotoku!! For instance. Definitely nothing above avarage. Sound: 6.5/10 The voice actors don’t stand out i any way, which is both good and bad. As for the BGM; at first I didn’t like it. But later on they started using the music very well as well as playing some damn nice tunes from time to time. But every now and then a crappy song pushed its way thorugh. A bit above avarage overall. Characters: 7.25/10 The female lead is pretty funny. A hyperactive character like her isn’t very unusual, even though these character are usually side characters and not lead ones. I also gotta say that she did get quite a few laughs out of me. Especially in the beginning since her behaviour really suprised me. She felt really refreshing. The male was pretty tame. He managed to get some laughs from me too, but he was nothing special. The club president was definitely my favorite though. When he started coughing up blood the first time I laughed my ass off. He’s also the character that got the best ending. The rest of the cast was pretty standard but I still didn’t dislike a single one. Overall: 6.75/10 This is a nice and charming watch even if it doesn’t really stand out in hardly any way. It doesn’t try to be anything bigger or greater than it actually is (like K-ON does for instance) which is my impression of it and something I like about it. If you want a decent slice-of-life show with some very light romances, then this is your show.


When you take a very cliched genred and try to make something original out of it there are 3 possible outcomes. It can turn into a memorable masterpiece. It can turn into something so weird only the angsty kids would watch it while prouldy saying it's "alternative". Or, and this is the outcome in this show case, it can look like cliche anime that is trying a bit too hard.This show is a typical light lovecom to the core. We have childhood friends, love rivarly, oblivious-energetic chara, intelligent tsundere chara - basically completely typical. So how can a show gain the edge to shine a bit brighter than all the other shounen love polygons? By getting a not overused theme (astronomy) and mixing in some astronomy knowledge. And everything would be perfect if not the tiny little detail - they couldn't get the right proportions. Astronomy that should be a spice suddenly takes almost the same amount of screen time as the "main dish" romance. And so we have characters lecturing each other about the wonders of the stas, then showing the starry sky, then marking the constellation on said sky, then gasping a the beaty of those constellation, followed by another lecture about them and after all that finally we got some emotional punchline (usually only as a character thought) like "A, watching the stars together feels so good". Since (thx to neverending astronomy lectures) plot was moving at the turtle pace, the only thing that kept the show alive were likeable characters. They weren't really complex, or really original but they created this fuzzy atmosphere of friendship that makes lovecoms such an enjoyabl genre. There was a bit of low lvl drama,  a bit of humour, some character growth - prety much the usual and predictable stuff. The animation and the sound were both average - nothing to complain, but nothing to be amazed about either. Sora no manimani isn't top of it's genre. It's too slow and filled with too much story unrelevant information, but it still can be enjoyable. Don't expect anything amazing though.

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