Sonic X

TV (78 eps)
2003 - 2004
Spring 2003
3.05 out of 5 from 5,710 votes
Rank #14,248

Sonic and the gang are back in a brand new adventure, and this time its not only Dr. Robotnik that they have to worry about. As Sonic teams up with Knuckles, Tails, Amy, and Cream, they will need all the help they can get to counter the plans of Robotnik and Sonic's dark counterpart, Shadow The Hedgehog.

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How? How could they have messed this up? Seriously? HOW?In the age old dispute of Dub Vs Sub, Sub is more preferable, like a kick to the nuts is more preferable to having your skull drilled! folks that hate 4Kids, get the sub, you will get a better quality, and the un-edited versions make a hell of a lot more sence!So a breaf Synopsis: In another world (that fans nickname Mobius) a Heroic Hedgehog called sonic Fights against the evil Doctor Eggman, in a daring raid on Eggman's stronghold Sonic Tries to stop Eggman from unleashing a powerful weapon, using the energys of 7 gems called "Chaos Emeralds", but when they were used it transported Sonic and his friends, allong with Eggman to another world, our world, EARTH. Not Sonic and co. with help from one of the natives of this world; Chris thorndike and his Uncle theu must secure the 7 chaos emeralds from Eggman to save this world and get back to their world!The story is a basic interpretation of the latest 3D sonic games, from Adventure to, as some say Shadow the Hedgehog... Unfortunately you have the creator's own take on it... Even such great sonic relationships such as Tails and sonic are over shadowed by the universes own... empty characters!Speaking of Characters; from the games we have: Dr Eggman, Sonic The hedgehog, Tails the fox, Knuckles the echidna, Amy Rose, Cream and her pet chao Cheese, Rouge the bat and eventually; Shadow. Tikal and Chaos also appear in the Adventure arc.I Won't lie to you, I did not give a single cair to Sonic X's own cast! And that's a impressive thing since tho only other non-Game character I disliked was Attone from Sonic The hedgehog (SatAM)!Story wise, it's passable... there is some good writing, and the fillers are... bad, the first "Saga", collecting the chaos emeralds, was... a mixture of good and bad... Some good episodes, some bad, some... basically a Meh rating!The game interrpritations are interesting the Sonic Adventure 2 ark was brilliant! Maria's wish was great even with Chris', how does one say this... annoyance? it fills in and answeres questios that the game offers!Sound wise there was a lot of interesting things, in the Origional/Sub (which is what I'm going by) I have No complaints on, both dub and sub and the Japanese crew are brilliant! The English voice cast (since I'm here) were OK, but some of the lines were just... badly executed!Oh and Rouge's VA Sucks in the English cast! The only character who I have a strong dislike for the VA! Everyone else I can tollerate.The animation... Is bad, but if Neon Genesis Evangelion has taught us anything, animation doesn't have to be awesome! But sadly... there is hardly anything to redeem this...Oh wait! Sonic and co. Swear, and there is some... sexy references! I the Japanese version anyway, Such as when Rouge is being arrested by a female police officer Rouge basically sais "So, you're into S&M?" Much to the officer's Embaresment ant he nearby male's Joy.  There are some references to other sonic material, such as Chris's Uncle Chuck, Like Sonic's Uncle Chuck in Sat AM, Archie and Sonic Underground. And also the aliens in the Last series are called The Metarex, the same name metal Sonic was given in the UK publication Sonic the Comic! But small nods and jokes just cussion it slightly... I was just able to tollerate it... but stopped because I couldn't bear it, sorry folks, maybe someone with a love for punishment will do a better review!Well... this is a bad series, a few good points, but... I just won't recomend it... It is a bad series, and helps prove that even the Japanese can mess things up!


I loved this show as a kid, it was what got me into the Sonic franchise, and I still love it to this day. It has something for everyone, from tense high-speed action, to the more relaxed episodes where nothing major happens. Plus, it sports all of your favorite Sonic characters, from Sonic the Hedgehog himself, to the notorious Dr. Eggman. The show lives in infamy these days, and entitled fans who will try to convince you that the 4Kids dub is crap and the original uncut japanese dub is the only true way to watch it IF you absolutely must. But I don't care about any of that! I love the english dub, censored or not, to me this is when the show truly comes to life! So we start off with Sonic and his friends getting warped to our world via Chaos Control, and then follow them as they try to settle in their new envionment, all while occasionally budding heads with Eggman and whatever plan he has cooked up. The first season focuses mainly on Sonic and friends trying to stop Eggman, while both parties are on a constant race for possession of the mythical Chaos Emeralds.The second season follows the event of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for the DreamCast, introducing Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic's rival, as well as the events of Sonic Battle, while ending the season on finally sending Sonic and his pals home to their own world. The third season, that I like too, but most people who like the show dislikes this one still, is set partly in Sonic's home world, and partly in outer space, as Sonic and friends try to stop a new threat, the Metarex, from conquring the universe. Overall, I think the show keeps an interesting and engaging plot throughout, with enough memorable epic moments to keep you invested. I shall never forget my excitement the first time Sonic transformed into Super Sonic :D by far my favorite episode!!The animation too is top notch and stays true to the original character designs from the games, and the characters' personalities are all portrayed very well, thanks in part to the amazing english voice cast, of which Jason Griffith will always, to me, be the only true voice of Sonic - but hey, that is just a matter of opinion ;-) If you like the speedy blue hedgehog and want some cool anime action that everyone from kids to adults can enjoy, I can't recommend this spectacular show enough!! GO GO GO GO GO GO GO, GOTTA GO FAST!! GOTTA GO FAST!! GOTTA GO FASTER, FASTER, FASTER FASTER FASTER --- SONIC X!!

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