Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

Movie (1 ep x 54 min)
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Sonic and Tails are taking some much needed rest and relaxation on an island beach, but their serenity is soon disrupted by a crashing plane. Aboard is the President’s aide, who summons them to the palace; yet upon their arrival they discover that Dr. Robotnik has kidnapped the President and his daughter! It seems that his creation, Metal Robotnik, recently attacked Robotropolis with a battalion of robotic demons, and sabotaged the city’s generator. Unless it is stopped, there will be a giant explosion! For the sake of the President and his daughter, Sonic and Tails must find Metal Robotnik and put a stop to the impending explosion – but little do they know that soon they will face a new enemy who looks exactly like Sonic and wants him dead…

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I'm a Sonic fan, and I have been for a long time, but to be honest, I didn't really like this, and here's why- Story: The story for the Sonic OVA/Movie is just like any other Sonic franchise, Sonic has to stop the villains no matter what cost. The story was very strong. You have Sonic and Tails at the beginning looking out for villains when they stop into Robotnik. Apparently Robotnik has "captured" the Mayor and his daughter. Suddenly, a robot named Black Eggman (or Metal Robotnik in the dub) appears in Eggmanland (or Robotropolis in the dub), and Sonic then goes to defeat the robot. Little does Sonic know that this is all part of Robotnik's plan to be able to collect Sonic's mind and thoughts in order to make a replicant of Sonic, called Metal Sonic. So now Sonic has to save the mayor, defeat Black Eggman, and defeat Metal Sonic. The story's as any other Sonic game. A strong one I must say. Art: The art for the Sonic OVA was bland, and not colorful. This is probably because the show was produced in 1996, but Serial Experiments Lain also came out at that time, and that had amazing art. Anyway, the characters themselves do look like they were intended to. I wish they took more time on Knuckles and Robotnik, because they didn't look that great. The background design also needed improvement. There was a part where apparently Sonic and the gang were near a volcano, and lava started to pour out. All you get instead of good background details, it looks more like water with bad photoshopping. Anyway, the art was good, but there needed to be improvements. Sound: The sound for the OVA wasn't that good either. I do think you could hear them, but not always. The voice acting for the characters were good. The Japanese voice actors were good, but the dub actors needed improvement. Dub Sonic sounded whiny, dub Tails sounded like a 4 year-old with a cold, dub Knuckles sounded too calm and needed some anger management, and the only voice actor that was good in the dub was Robotnik's. Characters: What can I say that hasn't been said about the characters? Sonic's cool as always, Tails is a great supporter, Knuckles was a good character, and Robotnik and Metal Sonic were great villains. Even though there was a great plot and characters, I didn't really enjoy it. Honestly, I was bored and was anxiously waiting for it to end. They took too long on how Robotnik was able to make Metal Sonic, and the parts with Robotnik and the Maoyr's daughter that was intended to be funny, just bored me and made me want to take a nap. Overall the Sonic OVA was just average to me. They could have done better jobs with this. Die-hard Sonic fans will love it. If you're not a fan of Sonic or you don't know much about Sonic, I wouldn't recommend it.


Ahh the Sonic The hedgehog OVA, lassic Anime at it's best!Origionally going to be a series, and if it was, well... it will be entertaining!the story is simple, Ro-butt-nik (Force of habit!) Contacts sonic and tails and tells them that his kingdom of Robotnik Land will explode, taking the rest of the world with it! SONIC TO THE RESCUE! But things go bad, as Butt-Nik Betrays our blue Hero and unleashes Hyper Metal Sonic on our favorite ultra fast hedgehog! With Knuckles and Tails our heroes try to stop metal sonic from destroying the world!For the characters we have Everyone's favorite Blue blur, the master mechanic Tails and Knuckles the treasure hunter... Since all the Sonic Characters had breif bios fron Sega there is a LOT of room for improvisation, But sonic and tails are dead on their Game representations, and this is the only media where sonic will tell tails to shut up! (awesome!) Knuckles is the only character I have some problems with... Without being the Guardian of the master emerald he's kinna a blank... but he is also great, exept for the inexplanable ability that he can fly, or levitate... In the games he just glides, but here... I dunno... it's just weird!Robotnick is his usual self! His design is sweet... between the Genisis games an his Western TV apperances. As well as Sonic, Knuckles and Tails and of course Robitnik and Metal sonic we also have some new characters: an old owl who's kinna of a messenger for the president, the elven like fat president, and the... "trampy" Presidential cat girl daughter Sara (try saying that 3 times real fast!) Iam neutral on all these characters, they are OK, not too annoying, but not superb... but they have a purpose... Animation its self is brilliant in the action parts, the same studio that did the vidios for Sonic CD also did the animation for this, the back grounds were great, and the special effects were awesome. The style of the robots, and Metal Robotni, a Mech that Ro-butt-nick uses, was awesome!  On the whole the only main problem was that Knucke's Shoes were collered incorectly, where it was red it was supposed to be yellow, and vice versaThe world as a whole is also an interesting one to, it's a mix of the games and the creator's own world! We see badnicks from the gensis games as well as the quite amazing back grounds the animation team made!Sound is awesome! No complaints! The voices for sonic, Knuckes and tails fitted very well! the voice of this Robotnick, Edwin Neal, is second in my books to the late Jim Cummings.I have no complaints about the music, And the sound effects are superb!All in all, no main complaints, Athourally entertaining film and a brilliant peice of work!If you can Find it, GET IT!

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