Son Gokuu Silk Road wo Tobu!!

TV Special (1 ep x 75 min)
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Son Gokuu Silk Road wo Tobu!!

A monk, Sanzohoshi, travels to India to obtain copies of important Buddhist texts that are not available in China at that time. In the beginning of his journey, he is accompanied by Songoku, The Monkey King, who has shape-changing ability, fast-traveling skill, and ownership of a handy, resizable cudgel. While traveling, Cho Hakkai, The Pig Monster, joins Sanzohoshis pilgrimage to atone for his sins. Later, the now party of three encounters Sagojo, The River Monster, who also ends up joining the party to atone for his sins as well. In the meantime, numerous demons wait in ambush for a chance to sabotage their long, harsh journey. Actually, they are not demons. When they show their true selves, you will be amazed to see what they really are...

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