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Morimiya Yorito is a normal student who has an abnormal obsession for the sky. One day, he meets a strange girl named Shihou Matsuri who shares his interest, but as fate may have it, she isn't a human; Matsuri is a Yaka -- a "woe of the night" -- who is immortal and cannot stand the sunlight. A strange man is chasing Matsuri, to use her powers, so Yorito decides to help her hide. What are the strange man's plans, and what secrets does Yorito's sister hide?

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Sheex Aug 7, 2007
Score 8/10

Creativity and innovation are keystones in writing quality stories.  Taking these principles to heart, Sola weaves a fascinating and involving storyline from a fairly basic concept, transforming an ordinary series into a commendable piece of anime craftsmanship.  Despite the presence of a number of harem elements, such as three cute girls chasing after the lead male, Sola is anything... read more

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CrystalGrace Jun 12, 2015
Score 8.3/10

Sola Review:   Once upon a time, an anime named Kanon was released. Then once upon a time, an anime named Air was released. And finally once upon a time, an anime named Clannad was released. These 3 animes created the Big Key anime trilogy, which if I have to explain what that means then you must be very new to anime so I won’t. And then, in my book, the big Key trilogy created another trilogy I... read more

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sola Specials
  • DVD Special (2 eps)
  • 2007

Special episodes released on the DVDs.

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  • Vol: 2; Ch: 13
  • 2007 - 2008

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