Snow White with the Red Hair 2nd Season

Alt title: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime 2nd Season

TV (12 eps)
4.432 out of 5 from 10,879 votes
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After Zen confessed his feelings for her, the young herbalist continued her studies and the prince doubled his efforts to keep up with her pace. But just as everything seemed to be falling into place, Shirayuki's happily ever after is put on hold. An old enemy has resurfaced with grave news that a mysterious boy has been searching for a girl with apple-red hair-but his intentions are unknown. With the kingdom of Clarines on high alert, an invitation arrives from Tanbarun that Shirayuki is to be the guest of honor at Prince Raj's upcoming ball. Preparing for the boorish prince's ball is one thing, but nothing could have prepared Shirayuki for the grander adventure to come. When the mysterious boy finally catches up with her, the beautiful maiden is swept into a harrowing journey that will put her face to face with her past as she determines what her future holds.

Source: Funimation

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Somehow even more amazing than the first season, if that is even possible. Very well done and absolutely adorable. I would highly reccommed it.  This is the second season of Akagami no Shirayukihime (or Snow White with the Red Hair). It is a continuation of the first season and it further advances the romance between Prince Zen and Shirayuki. We also get to know the characters better and find out about thier pasts.  ---SPOILERS--- Shirayuki recieves an invite from Prince Raji of Tanbarun to come and stay at the castle. Prince Izana, Zen's older brother, forces her to go with hopes of getting rid of Shirayuki from Zen's life. He wants to do so becuase she is of a different social status and knows that she is in love with Zen. He fears she will ruin Zen's reputation as a prince.  Obi, one of the prince's aids (who is very skilled in combat) accompanies her to Tanbarun. The others stay behind in Clarines where they try and find a young "pretty boy" who has intentions of kidnapping Shirayuki. No one knows what his intentions are, so they are taking great caution with the situation. Long story short, the pretty boy finds out that Shirayuki has left Clarines and follows her to Tanbarun. He ends up kidnapping her but his plans are foiled when Shirayuki and the pretty boy are then kidnapped (yes, again) by an infamous group of pirates known as The Claw of the Sea (pretty boy used to be a part of thier crew but he abandoned them so they want revenge).  That night Zen recieves word that Shirayuki has been kidnapped. Obi had met his match while trying to protect Shirayuki in the incident and was knocked out cold. Zen and his aids, Kiki and Mitsuhide, race to Tanbarun and with the help of prince Raji and a group of people (many of whom are ex-nobels) called the Lions of the Mountains.  They end up rescuing Shirayuki and taking down the Claw of the Sea in the process. Through this incident many of the characters develop well (personality, way they do things, etc.) and we are introduced to Shirayuki's father (she had been raised by her grandparents. I'm going to be nice and not tell you who he is). We also get to know more about Obi's mysterious past. ---CONTENT ADVISORY--- Brief nudity when the main characters are forced to stay at a hotel overnight since it is raining and they use the public baths. Nothing is shown.  Disney style romance continued. Never goes beyond a kiss.  A couple of sex jokes that will fly over the heads of most children.  One of the main antagonists in this season is a pirate and is scantily clothed. Midriff and cleavage are visible, but it is not excessive. She wears short skirt as well. She is abusive and harsh towards her crew.  There is quite a bit of fighting throughout the show but it never goes beyond what you would find in a Disney movie.  Use of "damn," "hell," and "bastard" in a lot of episodes. 


Oh boy where to start besides the fact that this anime was definitely worth the time to watch. While the second season did start off rather slow in the beginning, the show does pick up and starts to connect pieces of the larger story as a whole. I personally believe that the best episode was the last episode due to the fact that all the previous episodes in this season are stabilized and given significant reason for why they were meaningful to the anime as a whole. One of the most imporant things to also note about this season is how nice and smooth the finale really was compared to all the other various romance/shojo animes. Sound was nice and the music was also very appealing and catchy. The last episode really did push the whole sense of sentiment and missing this show, knowing it was the last episode of the 24 series. Throughout both seasons the music has been beyond great for the usual romance anime. Character wise, this season was full of character development in all various different spectrums of the animated series. It's most prominent to say how each character, even the most minor ones, are highlighted in their various forms of development throughout the season and helps to connect loose ends from the previous season. One of the most important things about the main character is that, this anime doesn't necessarily end in the way so many other romance and shojo animes. On the contrare, this series takes a completely different approach that actually ends the series better than if they were to take the same boring, overused escape exit for the "Oh we have 2 episodes left, rush to make an ending" shows do. While there is romance and fantasy involved in this series, there is also a deeper message that can be taken away from this series as a whole. I was so excited to see character development that differentiated from the same old "damsel-in-distress" that the series was super refreshing to see. Overall, this series far out met any of my expectations for a romance based anime. The angle at which this anime was heavily focused actually worked and the series seems to be more  than the "I need you to live and survive senpai!" kind of anime. I would recommend this to anyone that finds romance/fantasy animes interesting.

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