Smile Pretty Cure! Movie: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu!

Movie (1 ep x 70 min)
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Smile Pretty Cure! Movie: Ehon no Naka wa Minna Chiguhagu!

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Liar! With one word a whole plotline of a movie can turn. I chose to undertake this review of this movie simply because of its role in delivering me from a Saban Glitter Force mentality to understand that a vast universe of Pretty Cure existed.  Once I learned of the eight episodes of Smile Precure not rendered by Saban, I used anime sites to watch those eight.  In the viewing of the episodes contained in the thirties, the opening themes used footage of the movie 'Chaos in the Land of Storybooks.'  This movie would be my full immersion into the world of subbed anime, and the conversion to the original concept of Smile Precure. The movie begins with a backstory which draws on the beginning of the development of Emily (oops, make that Miyuki.  This is part of that conversion process) from a shy young girl of five to the enthusiastic fourteen-year old Cure Happy.  Emil ... Miyuki received a mysterious storybook about a happy carefree girl named Nico, a book which has the last pages ripped from it.  Little Emi... (Miyuki! Miyuki! Emil ... MIYUKI! MIYUKI! MIYUKI!!!!!! .... Hoshizora ... there, that should do it!).  Little Miyuki resolves to draft the final pages of the story, illustrations and all.  But she tires of the project and lets the last pages to remain unwritten. Flash forward about a decade.  Miyuki takes her friends Akane, Yayoi, Noa, and Reika to a storybook convention.  They take in a movie where the character Nico rushes through the screen, in flight from two hostile minions of some ne'er-do-well.  The girls transform into Glit ... Smile Precure and routs the duo of baddies.  As a reward for saving her, Nico grants the girls a trip into the Land of Storybooks, where each can celebrate the role of a favorite fairy-book character.  Miyuki chooses that of Cinderella (a role she will take on in SP, episode 39), the others a character more in line with Japanese lore. Here the story picks up.  The stories each girl take on begin to break down with visits from the other characters from the other stories.  It is all a plot drawn up by Nico and the antagonist of her story, the Demon King, to get her revenge on Miyuki for her failure to complete her story.  While not cognizant of many of the characters involved, I got to appreciate the backgrounds of each.  The villains show up in protest of the travesty going on in the stories where everything is mangled.  The Cow Demon (whom Candy the fairy calls Mr. Cow, to that evil demon's chagrin) becomes a more heroic character in the desperate attempt to rescue the battered plots. In the end, Nico realizes that she was a pawn in the Demon King's attempt to destroy the Land of Storybooks.  Miyuki struggles to gain Nico's lost trust.  And, in the Demon King's effort to blunt the attacks of Smile Precure, he succeeds in killing Miyuki. Call it resurrection.  The final transformation to become Cure Ultra Happy.  The Land of Storybooks, plunged in darkness, is bathed in light.  With a touch of her hand, Cure Happy turns the monstrous Demon King back to his sweet diminuative form (hey, with just a smile and a hug, she defeated Emperor Nogo ... Pierr ... oh, heck, bad guys don't get special consideration).  Order is restored and Smile Precure returns to their world. The animation is a marvel, particularly the entrance scene into the Land of Storybooks and the descent of the Land of Storybooks into the darkness.  The story began slowly, but it does begin with a shy girl who needed to learn what it is to smile and ends with the embodiment of the quest for finding the ultra happiness Smile Precure made its overall theme.

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