Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Alt title: Maou-jou de Oyasumi

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2020
4.15 out of 5 from 5,252 votes
Rank #434

When Princess Syalis is abducted and taken to the demon king Twilight's castle as a hostage, neither the castle's demonic ruler nor his subjects realize the trouble they've brought upon themselves. The deceptively adorable princess is actually a holy terror who has no difficulty sneaking out of her cell, destroying property, and murdering the creatures she comes across all for the single-minded purpose of getting a perfect night's sleep. The dumb-as-rocks hero Dawner has been sent to rescue Syalis and bring her home, but his mission seems unlikely to succeed anytime soon; and in the meantime, the demons must deal with their ruthless royal prisoner constantly causing an uproar in the castle. While the princess rests in peaceful slumber, her captors may never sleep again!

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3S review no.8 (short, simple and sweet/salty/spicy) You see, there comes one moment in the life of a man, where he stumbles upon unsurpassed greatness, a moment of utter joy, a once in a lifetime experience. This anime is… not that moment. But there is another moment that comes in the life of a man, equally rare (not really bit for the sake of the drama lets leave it there) where he goes into something with zero to none expectations, yet he comes out with more than he expected. This anime is… actually one of those moments. It’s the first time I decided to watch currently airing series without waiting for them to finish, so I tried to watch lot of them, keep watching the ones that won’t make my eyes bleed and drop the rest. I’ll tell you what, my money were on my eyes bleeding when I clicked that 1st episode to start. Yet they didn’t bleed. I did not vomit uncontrollably. I didn’t feel like murdering people. I did not wish I hadn’t been born. That being said, I did not cry tears of joy nor did i suffocate from laughter. I just had a silly, goofy half ass smile on my face while watching this show. Yes… there isn’t really a story, but hey it’s comedy who needs a story? Well everyone but that’s a topic for another day. It could have been better. It could have had a sense of continuity, you know gathering stuff and keep improving her sleeping… comforts? There are some items though that reappear at later times and that’s something I guess. Also it could have been way more tight, like lets say 6 episodes? Or maybe 12 ten minute episodes? So the lame parts don’t take place or the good jokes don’t reoccur too much. Oh there is also some hero trying to save the princess, supposedly progressing really slowly but no one really cares. What matters is, not ecchi jokes, no otaku jokes, well some videogame themed and lingo jokes, but thankfully not too overused. It’s just goofy, silly, mature in its immaturity and for some reason heartwarming comedy. Characters, well… it’s comedy who needs characters right? Well everyone but you know, not gonna talk about it here and now. They are all just caricatures, tipi-fisi, their characteristics include being comedic, being comedic and being comedic. Oh, there is also the princess who just wants a good night’s sleep, for the sake of being… comedic. Animation is not top notch clearly. The show is made by a studio who only does romantic comedies and series that are romantic and funny as well as some funny romances. I have not watched a single one of their shows, but I can tell you this and I am 100% sure, this is the best show they ever made, and the best one they will ever make. So the quality is not there, but it works, the colors work great, the atmosphere works, and while they are not even detailed at the slightest, the facial expressions work surprisingly great. The character design is really simplistic and generic, yet it works… you guessed it, great. Now, this is arguably the studio’s best work, the director’s best work, the mangaka’s best work (only the character designer can make a case that has done something better), now, there is another person involved that’s clearly, by far and without a doubt the best work she ever made, the composer. Holy shit the music is great, its simplistic of course, but it’s just so catchy, it goes so well with everything that’s going on on the screen, and you just find yourself humming it while the main comedic tune is played. It’s like a kick in the nuts, simple and unrefined, yet very effective. There is also voice-acting when it comes to the sound department. The princess’ VA is fuckin nuts. It’s the second time I find my self admiring her, she first made me say that Somali (from Somali and the forest spirit, which is nice show btw, go read my review and consider watching it) is the least annoying little girl I’ve ever heard in any anime, capturing in perfection the essence of an energetic little curious girl, now she just goes and makes this stoic, sleepy, cynical, borderline psychotic little princess sound right on point with every sound she made. Splendid, simply splendid job miss Inori Minase, big fan of yours (I haven’t heard her in any other show so if she is terrible elsewhere please just let me be ignorant and happy ok?) The rest of the cast also does a great job, talented people with recognizable voices that do a really great job voicing comedy. In general the sound is the heart and soul of the show that pours some life in its comedic shenanigans. Is it this show worth a watch? Yeah, sure. But you gotta know what you are looking to get out of it. Because you see, the jokes won’t make you lough out loud (at least I didn’t), yes they get repetitive, they get old at some point, some are kind off dragged out too much, there is really no story, just a premise, there are really no characters, no progression, no conclusion (well there is some conclusion I guess...kinda...maybe...but not really), animation is meh, but, but, there is always a but. This simple comedic premise, along with amazing sound overall, is enough to put a silly little goofy smile on your face. Don’t binge watch it, just 1 or 2 episodes at a time will be enough to brighten your gloomy day a little bit. Oh, and it’s super effective before going to bed. Suyaaa….

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