Sleeping with Hinako

Alt title: Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako

OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
1.47 out of 5 from 1,920 votes
Rank #10,374

After a hard day of exercise and having problems dozing off, Hinako is glad to have the viewer join her in bed to keep her company. Slipping into panties and a night-dress, she unfortunately struggles to get comfy. Seductively tossing and turning in bed, she is still a little shy that someone is watching her every move. Will she be kept awake at night by the thought of a late night snack, or will we finally get to sleep with Hinako?

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KiraRin's avatar
KiraRin Apr 22, 2010
Score 2.5/10

There is something humankind has never been successful with: Sequels. They are always terrible. Who can forget the adrenaline pumping Speed 2, the testosterone fuelled 2 Fast 2 Furious or the epic fail that is the Kanokon OVA? Despite the rare occasions where the follow-up formula does actually work, I had very little hope that ... read more

hamletsmage's avatar
hamletsmage Jun 12, 2016
Score 2/10

First, a short PSA. If you find that you are tossing and turning as much as Hinako, you should invest in a mattress that is more suited to your preferences. Also, if you find that your breathing stops as much as Hinako's, you might want to see a sleep clinic about sleep apnea. This has been a helping PSA from your reviewer, hamletsmage. Onto the review Story: Ok, so you find yourself in Hinako's bedroom and... read more

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