Slayers Try - Reviews

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Sep 5, 2014

Alright, they don’t really say this in the show but ‘Seven months later…’ we have the same group pretty much with the same comedy, the same personalities, the same goals and fate has decided once again to make them meet. This is where it gets slightly ridiculous in that nothing seems to stop this bunch from having to be stuck together. I guess the writers found that we were getting tired of the small area that the Slayers was taking place in and decided to open it up a little by saying the area where they lived was in a magical bubble. They now have a whole world we now have to learn about after finally maybe understanding the magical area that Slayers was in. I at least like that they give you the information little by little but sometimes it’s a little too late.

These young heros now face an even greater threat… or at least I think so as they take most of all this as a joke and just try to use the time for their own personal gain. Zelgadis wants to find a way to change his body back, Amelia wants to spread justice, Gourry just follows Lina blindly and Lina just tries to get cash. The only reason why Lina is in this new world is because her sister ordered her. They never explain why she is scared of her…. Or why we should even care about her sister, she is just there mentioned and then gone.

All the bitching that I have done now actually is only a small part of the show in some regards but I have to nit pick or I wouldn’t have anything to talk about since the rest of the show is the same as the first two. I mean it, if you liked the first ones, then you would love this one. Filia is interesting, and adds a lot of fun to it.

The art work turned out much better in this version; you can tell they put a lot more money and love into it.

The voices again are really good, though some of the information about the barrier is lost in translation. I don’t get some things about it though it really doesn’t seem to be problematic to the story line. They just talked about it way late in the actual show so I don’t really know much.

9/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall