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In the not-too-distant future, Earth was attacked by mysterious beings and before long over a third of the world's population was destroyed. Even after bringing to bear its full, united military strength, humanity was unable to repel the assailants and forced into using weapons of mass destruction. This was successful, but the war and its conclusion resulted in the deaths of a crushing percentage of all fighting-aged males, and Antarctica being melted, causing much of the Earth's land to sink underwater. Years later, three young girls - Otoha, a headstrong country girl; Karen, a technical genius; and the highly-disciplined and strong-willed Eika - are being trained to pilot Sonic Divers, weapons being developed lest humanity be caught off-guard once again.

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I think of this as being like Evangelion Light meets Charlie's Angels. 3 young girls are purposely sought out to pilot a prototype military mech and experience the trials of bonding, training, and earning the respect of their ranking superiors. Story: 6/10 Very similar to Evangelion: Years ago humanity fight the WORMs, the race is on to develop the mechs in anticipation of the return of the WORMs, mech's fight the WORMS. I thought the first half was superior with lots of slice of life stuff with the girls getting to know each other. The second half revolves around battles and I found the odd episode to be lacking in anything of interest or entertainment. Animation: 8/10 Very good. The use of CGI isn't intrusive. The backgrounds are good-looking. The characters are all very distinctive, fluid, and the girls looks suitably cute. The action scenes are very exhilarating with a real feeling of the g-force while their hurtling through the skies. Characters: 8/10 The group dynamic is fantastic. You've got the bookish one, the hard-ass, the playful one and later on the stuck-up immature one. They all quickly get their peers and the audience cheering them on. The show is always tasteful and is resists being leering. Sound: 9/10 The soundtrack really does a good job of complementing the show. It plays out in the background adding ambience or excitement without drawing attention away from the action. The tunes are memorable, particularly the string arrangement that plays in the first half of the series during the flight sequences.  

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