Sky Girls

OVA (1 ep x 28 min)
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In the year 2079 CE, malevolent creatures known as Worms arrived in our galaxy, wiping out mankind quickly and efficiently. Finally, when the war's outcome seemed to favor the invaders, humanity united and nuked its own planet in order to survive. Though the Worms were defeated, 50% of the Earth's land mass submerged under the ocean, and 90% of all young men were killed in battle. Now, several years later, the Worms have returned. The world's best hope for survival is the genius Karen, the swordswoman Otoha and quick-thinking Eika; together, they make up the Sonic Diver Unit, a mechanized unit capable of taking down the Worms! Yet the powers that be are skeptical of its force and aptitude. Can the girls prove their worth, and take down the enemy?

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Sheex Jul 13, 2007
Score 3/10

When I watched Sky Girls' opening sequence, I immediately noticed the similarities between it and Yukikaze:  Aliens have invaded earth, earth's population is in shambles, yet mankind has managed to pull off a victory in the end.  Within the first five minutes, however, I quickly came to realize that such likeness was superficial on every level.  Instead of witnessing badass... read more

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sothis Jul 11, 2007
Score 3/10

In a perfect world, one would be able to replace a review's contents with a large eye-rolling smiley face image. Alas, this is not that perfect world.Sky Girls begins with a narrative which is remarkably more epic than the content itself: mysterious beings known as Worms came to Earth, messed shit up, and ultimately kicked humanity's ass so much that it resorted to nuking Earth to save... read more

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