Sketchbook ~full color's~

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2007
3.717 out of 5 from 1,338 votes
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Kajiwara Sora is a shy girl who loves to draw. She's a member of the art club at school, even though one of the other members scares her sometimes. She finds drawing things like flowers or fruit easy enough, but she puzzles over how to capture more fleeting moments, like the flapping of a bird's wings or a cat that won't sit still. There are things she can draw, and things she can't draw, and with the help of her friends in the art club, she's going to experience them all to the fullest.

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The Girl With the Sketchbook image

Episode 1

The Girl With the Sketchbook

Everyday Scenery image

Episode 2

Everyday Scenery

Ao's Concern image

Episode 3

Ao's Concern

Three-Person Sketching Event image

Episode 4

Three-Person Sketching Event

Cat Day image

Episode 5

Cat Day

Summer Memories image

Episode 6

Summer Memories

One Day in September image

Episode 7

One Day in September

A Radio-Cassette Player and Young Girl Double Feature image

Episode 8

A Radio-Cassette Player and Young Girl Double Feature

For the Sake of Something image

Episode 9

For the Sake of Something

What Lies Ahead image

Episode 10

What Lies Ahead

Sick Day and Cat Day Part 3 image

Episode 11

Sick Day and Cat Day Part 3

Sketchbook Day image

Episode 12

Sketchbook Day

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Feeling like life is boring? Nothing seems interesting or fascinating? Well then watch Sketchbook, a show that makes you think twice about how dull your life really is. Its take on the normal average things we think are dull and uninteresting will make you feel like normal is abnormal and abnormal is still abnormal.So once again we have a show with no plot, forcing the characters to center stage. However, I will only mention the more memorable characters, as there are too many for me to describe and still keep someone's attention. Sora, the main character, has a tendency to over analyze and spin things slightly too negatively, which leads to her never speaking a full sentence and speaking only through strange inner monologues. Kate, the Canadian foreign exchange student who's loose grasp on japanese and japanese culture makes her question the strangest little things that they put up with, like how terrible the magic in that magic open packet is, and how kanji is confusing. Plus she's voiced by Yuko Goto, I mentioned her last lime, so check that out. Her voice in this one is quite possibly the funniest act you will ever hear, as she takes on a thick english accent on top of her already strange voice. There are also a cast of cats who mock our society and often complain about how we treat them, how would we like it if they put captions over us? And yes, there are cat-language barriers. And Locustofchiron would have my head if I din't give an honerable mention to Ryo and Fuu who's twisted antics seem like adventures I would have if there were two of me. They take something that sounds normal and put it in a vice until it stops being logical. Things like: Lobster vrs two crayfish which would win in a game of rock paper scissors, stereo exorcisms, and scamming cats.Art wise it is pretty and atmospheric, it feels much like what the world would be like if it were even more tranquil i.e. boring. But seriously, knocking the art is futile here, it really gets the job done.Music wise is pretty much jazz and peaceful tracks, so its pretty awesome there, because jazz is awesome, and the opening and closings, though soft and slow, are pretty memorable.Now, you might have caught on to this by now, but this show is the SLOWEST ANIME ON THE PLANET. Sure it is relaxing, but nothing happens ever happens. The most monumental occurrence is the main character speaking an entire sentence out loud. So if nothing is not your cup of tea, avoid this thing like Weston's hair.This is cool beans if you are into cool beans, you are more likely to be into this if you aren't quite into hidamari sketch. Still not for everyone, but for more than before.

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