Sindbad no Bouken

TV (52 eps)
1975 - 1976
3.179 out of 5 from 264 votes
Rank #4,619

Young Sindbad has lived his entire life in the Arabian city of Baghdad, a thriving, ancient metropolis filled with bazaars and would-be merchants. One day, Sindbad and his friend sneak into the palace to watch a magic show, and are soon after caught by the guards and chastised. The next morning, Sindbad is paid a visit by his uncle Ali and is told wonderful, fantastical tales of the places Ali has traveled to and experienced. For Sindbad, this event is life-changing - there's a whole wide world out there beyond Baghdad! And so, Sindbad sets forth on Ali's ship for a grand adventure, experiencing plenty of fun and action along the way.

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