Sin: The Movie

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In the dystopic city of Freeport, a strike force known as HARDCORPS, led by John Blade, puts a stop to endless crime. However, recently a number of mutants have been witnessed across the globe, tearing down anyone who stands in their way; and SinTEK, led by the vengeful Elexis Sinclaire, seems to be connected. In the midst of the bloodshed, Blade must discover the truth behind SinTEK's sinister plan, and save a mysterious girl named Elyse in the process...

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Sin: The Movie

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Sin: The Movie

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I came into to this with very very low, expectations, mostly because of some screenshots I had seen with some of the worst cg in anime I had seen and considering this was made in the later 90's I can't blame them that much. Aside from the cg though I was actually pretty pleased with this anime.  Story- The story takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk setting and follows the exploits of HardCORPS (great name btw), an elite police force tasked with the job to eliminate the crime in the city, most notably the fucking zombie mutant things running around murdering and converting people into their kind. The stpry is not very complicated and has a re-occuring revenge theme for both the antogonist and protagonists. It gets the job done though, and gives us an excuse to watch some brutal anime violence. We also get to know the reason why and how the hell these mutants came into being so thats a plus. Animation- Aside from the afore-mentioned awful cg, the animation was actually quite good. The character designs were very detailed and badass looking, especially the main character who is pretty much a black Bato from GitS with dreadlocks and a prothsetic hand... or was it the other way around lol? The fight scenes looked great, lots of blood and gore to be seen, the zombie mutants were quite terrifying to look at (in a good way) and I guess I was just surprised with the overall quality of the animation in general.  Sound- Nothing really memorable here, some cool techno beats here and there, and the english dub was actually pretty decent for once. A solid effort. Characters- Yay for having a black main character. Seriously sometimes I feel like anime hates every race aside from caucasion and japanese. The main character I'm referring to here is Blade, a badass with a robot arm that just destroys anything in his path. Driven by vengeance he leaves a trail of mutant blood and guts behind him. There are several side characters, but none compare to his badassery... Seriously I forgot the rest of their names but Blade is boss enough to carry this movie, trust me.  Overall- A fun gore-fest, with a somewhat decent story. If you want to shut off your brain and whatch some heads explode then I suggest you give this a try. 

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