Silent Mobius: The Motion Picture

Movie (1 ep x 55 min)
3.184 out of 5 from 429 votes
Rank #4,524

What started out as a simple shortcut put Katsumi Liqeuer in the wrong place at the wrong time -- in the middle of a battle against mysterious monsters known as the Lucifer Hawk. Stranger yet is Katsumi's uncanny ability to wield powers that dispatch the enemy, powers that have the AMP -- the Attacked Mystification Police Department -- very interested. Now, with the additional pressure to join in the cause and the Lucifer Hawk out to kill her, Katsumi must decide to embrace or deny her fate!

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mrbassman777 Dec 17, 2017
Score 7.5/10

  Silent Mobius is an OVA from 1991 that combines elements of alchemy and occultism with science fiction in a way that is very appealing. For 1991 the animation is quite good, especially effects like reflections and flashing lights on spaceships. The backgrounds are also very distinctive.The highlight of the anime for me was the monster designs, which are scary as hell. Think John Carpener's The Thing. I... read more

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