Silent Mobius

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It is the year 2023, 30 years since the time of the Silent Crisis that brought the world to the brink of destruction. In the present, other-dimensional beings known as the Lucifer Hawk are running rampant, and threaten to take over the human world. The only hope for mankind is the AMP -- the Attacked Mystification Police -- a group of women with paranormal abilities who are dedicated to stopping the Hawk at all costs. With the frequency of attacks increasing and the bodies piling up, it's up to Katsumi Liqeuer and the rest of the gang to stop the invading threat... before it's too late.

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DistMan Sep 8, 2004
Score 8/10

This is an interesting series which I feel is very underrated, more people should watch it. What we've got here is a nice cyberpunk story with a mature cast and a mature story. The AMP department consists entirely of women, women which are in the beginning in their mid twenties, not in their teens, as is the case with lots of anime out there. The character designs also feel very mature. If you like... read more

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sothis Aug 7, 2005
Score 8.5/10

First, if you'd like information on how this fits in with the movies, please check out the AniRec Database entry, and click the yellow question mark.

Silent Mobius is a gripping sci-fi cyberpunk thriller about a group of women, with their struggle to destroy the merciless beings known as the Hawk. In general, the storyline is unique and interesting, with a great deal of story that... read more

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