Shugo Chara!

TV (51 eps)
- 2008
Fall 2007
3.815 of 5 from 12,046 votes
Rank #1,918

Hinamori Amu is a stylish punk rock girl who is liked and feared by her peers, but there's just one problem: she's actually a shy and quiet girl who can't seem to drop her self-fabricated facade! But when Amu finds three eggs in her bed, she had no idea her life would change forever. Out of the eggs pop Ran, Miki and Su, Amu's Guardian Charas; these being represent parts of Amu that she wishes she could be, even allowing Amu to transform into those parts at will! Now, with pressure from the other Guardians (including her crush, Hotori) to join their midst, dark sides of the psyche known as X Eggs to seal, and nefarious forces after a wish-granting egg known as the embryo, Amu's life has officially become more complicated!

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A Guardian Character is Born! image

Episode 1

A Guardian Character is Born!

The Heart's Egg! image

Episode 2

The Heart's Egg!

Flaky and Fluffy! Leave it to Su! image

Episode 3

Flaky and Fluffy! Leave it to Su!

I'm the Trump Card!? image

Episode 4

I'm the Trump Card!?

Shoot! Get that X Character! image

Episode 5

Shoot! Get that X Character!

Character Transformation! Amulet Spade! image

Episode 6

Character Transformation! Amulet Spade!

The Small Egg! image

Episode 7

The Small Egg!

I've Fallen in Love with Your Eyes! image

Episode 8

I've Fallen in Love with Your Eyes!

The Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki Family!? image

Episode 9

The Seven Mysteries of the Fujisaki Family!?

Character Transformation! Amulet Clover! image

Episode 10

Character Transformation! Amulet Clover!

The Snow Mountain Holiday! image

Episode 11

The Snow Mountain Holiday!

A Sad Christmas Eve! image

Episode 12

A Sad Christmas Eve!

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therik's avatar
therik Jun 27, 2009
Score 9/10

I have absolutely no business liking Shugo Chara!. The series is aimed primarily at an audience with approximately half my age and precisely double my X-chromosomes, and at no point does it betray its target market by veering wildly off the well-trodden mahou shoujo path. As such, the fact that the show found a place deep with in my heart - somewhere between ice-cold beer and mid-week football - is... read more

hotspot's avatar
hotspot Jun 27, 2013
Score 3/10

I thought this anime would be interesting, so I gave it a shot. I actually haven't seen this anime for like two years, so I don't remember all of the things I didn't like about this anime, so this will be a short review. But I know I tried to like this anime, but I just couldn't. I found this anime to be so incredibly boring, and believe me I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't.  I was actually in awe... read more

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