Shuffle! Memories

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Rin has been living with Kaede since the loss of his parents and as a result, they have become closer than friends. Lisianthus (the king of heaven’s daughter) and Nerine (the king of hell's daughter) fell in love with Rin for his kindness when they were young, so each plans to make Rin hers. Rin's senior Asa has been helping him grow up and has been his support figure for years. Primula is a child who has lived a lonely life and depends on Rin to help her learn what it's like to have a family. Rin's relationship with these girls is all he has in life and as many of the girls seek to be more than friends with him, will Rin be prepared to choose just one? And if so, who?

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suitcases Apr 14, 2018
Score 5/10

For those who have just finished Shuffle! this is not a second season, it's a sum up of the story character by character. Therefore i advise only watching the last episode since it's the only one that is actually new. read more

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Komirai Aug 9, 2012
Score 5/10

Shuffle! itself was an excellent harem anime that brought together unique characters, a strong feeling of drama, and a rather unexpected conclusion. Shuffle! Memories, however, failed to deliver any form of new development to the series. It essentially provided fans with a complete summary of the original series without providing anything new in terms of story or character development.

The story of... read more

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