Shrine of the Morning Mist

Alt title: Asagiri no Miko

TV (26 eps x 13 min)
2.59 of 5 from 679 votes
Rank #6,272

Three shrine maids have a distant cousin who moved away for schooling when they were young. Years later, he returns, and the three girls are tasked with protecting him. During this, the eldest (who's a teacher at the school) and the middle one form a "Miko" council. The story goes through their growth together and their battles with the servants of the Evil God.

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FullmetalCowboy24 Nov 14, 2012
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Critic's Log - Earthdate: November 13, 2012. Review #21: Shrine of the Morning Mist Intro...Intro... Intro... I am finding it difficult to come up with a intro for the review of this anime. I guess I'm going to have to undergo training for the mind. I guess some training would help me come up with fresh ideas for fitting intros to reviews of certain animes. I am now going to proceed in beginning my... read more

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Shrine of the Morning Mist
  • Vol: 9; Ch: 85
  • 2000 - 2013
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